Ensuite Bathroom Tile Ideas

Many escalating ideologies regarding ensuite Bathrooms keep spawning into the limelight each day. Here is a collection of chic ensuite bathroom ideas that will add glamour to your daily life.

1) Must ensuite bathroom idea; Geometrical Patterned Tiles

From prismatic hexagonal honeycomb tiles to non-embellished grouted rectangular; tile chemistry is in geometry. When it comes to fashion, the trends are ever changing but geometrical figures are constant. May it be the culturally embedded Turkish baths or the highly chic and modish ensuite bathrooms of the Beverly Hills, geometrical tiles seem to find a way into our lives.

2) An essence of ensuite bathroom idea; Less is More

Less is more!

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Accent walls are in fashion and give an aesthetically enticing spirit to your ensuite bathroom. The basic walls may fashion the traditional oil-based paint commonly used in bathrooms or it can have a la mode water resistant wallpaper that binds the room together with finesse. The accent wall is a dual purpose; it establishes a flavor of bold decor and gives the room a more airy and spacious look.

3) Unique ensuite bathroom idea; Tessellation and Mosaics

Tessellation and Mosaics

Image by Pixabay

If you root for artisans then mosaic and tessellations are a perfect idea for your ensuite bathroom. Tile tessellations do wonders when used as flooring, while mosaic is a perfect backsplash for the walls. Mosaics are also exquisite for an accent wall as it adds color and texture to the room.

4) Something Fishy Seems Nice:

Fish scale tiles (also known popularly as Scallop or Mermaid tiles) are trending and here’s the reason why; they’re chic, they’re exquisite and they remind us of the immensely extensive tranquil ocean. Fish scale tiles are versatile and playful with color, with lightest modern white that gives a bold and valiant spirit to the flattering and edgy hue of turquoise and green. These part stone – part mermaid tiles are your escape to nature.

5) Mirror on the Wall

The best way to add more light and space to your ensuite bathroom is to have a LED mirror recessed horizontally throughout the wall above the vanity. Mirrors reflect more light to the room hence making the room feel more spacious and airy. Plus the LED mirror has the aspects of a glamorous Hollywood makeup room that adds a little drama to the place.

6) Combination of Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness

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Toning your ensuite bathroom with the darker shade to the lighter tone gives the room additional modular and opulent spirit. Obscure gradients should be used for floor tiles, while the walls should be of more clear color. The fixings should be of an eccentric accent color. This method gives the room a luxuriant vibe.

7) The Watercolor Effect is one of the trendy ensuite bathroom ideas

Be creative, it’s alright to play with colors. Blending different shades of the same color makes a statement of vogue and creates a sense of visual texture. You may use two to three colors for creating fading patches. Employ a funky hue to add a whimsical flavor to the ensuite bathroom.

8) Think Vertical

ensuite bathroom tile ideas ;Think Vertical

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Give the bathroom a more spacious look by installing vertical tiles. This creates an illusion of increased height in the room and gives the feeling of expansive space.

9) Retrospect


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Send a positive message to those who say you’re living in the past. This elegant idea for an ensuite bathroom will take you back to the golden days. A cast iron clawfoot tub with a backsplash of subway tiles is a blast from the past. Golden fixtures on a pure white vanity are just the right accent.

10) Two Halves

This idea may seem usual but it works wonders if executed suitably. Lower walls of the bathroom may be adorned with subway tiles of lighter tone or marble tiles in a denser gradient. While the top half can fashion a subtle colored solid paint or waterproof wallpapers that complement the tiles.