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These are all so inspiring! I love how they relish and appreciate nature. I’m especially fond of the ones in St. Lucia.

Stunning. The Costa Rica tree house was stolen from my dreams

yes 🙂 along with the st lucia one 🙂

I love “The Garden House in Brazil” the most.

Gorgeous!!! The tree house is my favorite 🙂

Really amazing place, awesome home. I love this much…


Love these.

All favorites!! What a great round up!!

These are incredible – hard to pick a favorite. Perhaps a trip around the world and stay at all of them!


bowled over!

Awesome image. Top 20 World Most Beautiful Living Spaces….

Wow, there’s are unreservedly amazing!


we all payed for taht



Makes me wish I had the money to travel and see this beautiful world. Thanks for sharing.

Angelia i wish i could earn billions of dollars so i could own living spaces as stunning as these..wheew

wonderful architecture! this post really inspired me to build my own dream house!

I was in dream through looking those pictures….Stunning architecture…also excellent photography….


nice placesssssssssss

Amazing!! Dream home.

speechless. very inspiring

very beautiful homes i like them all !

Ladera here I come!

Great photos…great color, composition and emotion.

so wonderful

The secret to having it all, is knowing you already do. beautiful

=It’s funny how life continues to teach us things= beautiful style

so cool design.

anybody got an extra $100 million to share? I’ll was dishes

Amazing spaces! Thank you!

Wonderful! I like the photos!,,

some people know how to live…

Hey. I went to the underwater bedroom in maldives. Well actually cause im from maldives. Happy to see my birth place in top 20 :’) such a privilege

Dreamy place only for dreamy poeple ….

my favourite is The Firefly ski chalet in Zermatt, Switzerland

Wow..incredible..Thanks a lot for sharing such an awesome designs

Most beautiful places i’ve never seen before….soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo magnificent.Am prayin that one day i visit either of these.

I am moving in, but which one?

Wow…..this is really beautiful!!

Switzerland is gorgeous!!!!!

Incredible choices to display, I love each one!

So beautiful! Stunning. Really, just a loss of words.

I love the underwater bedroom and the open living room areas.

I thing thats so, most beautiful sites about places, with magic.

Calgon, take me away! How very wonderful!

Fabulous spaces…

Wonderful 🙂

Amazing Places with Great Design. Love It…

Wow! Amazing places…love them all!!

Absolutely beautiful – gave me even more determination to travel and explore the world while I have the chance!


Mais vale uma choupana onde se ri, do que um palácio onde se chora.

Absolutely amazing!!! I don’t know which one I like more :-S

They were all lovely, however, I think whoever compiled these confused beautiful settings and/or views with architecture and design. Many were lacking in basic design components and tasteful décor. Some did not utilize materials that would have been organic to the setting and lifted the design to an entirely new level.


Beautiful places to live, give me lots of inspiration =)

I wish I could live in all of these places!

Love them as creativity is great from humans.

All of them are definitely on my bucket list. Beautiful photos

Absolutely stunning! I can only imagine how seeing this in person could leave one speachless.

esto es realmente un sueño….muy hermoso…

Gorgeous!! I’d love to stay in The Garden House in Brazil.

wonderful….the beauty outside the window in “Resort in St. Lucia” looks like Emei in China

The Royal Loft Suite aboard the Oasis of the Seas is my favourite (number 18) just for that beautiful grand piano! i would stay in my room the whole time and just play and play and play!!!!!!!! :'( stunning!!!!!!!

do not know which one to grade more than the others

sooooo gorgeousssssss omgggggg……. all a dream for me …. sigh!

I want the underwater bedroom

Wow all pictures is awesome i love it no-doubt your collection is mind blowing good choice place, home, everything is wonderful good work keep it up. Thanks for sharing it please share me more blog like this 🙂

wow. can I stay at The Pretty Beach House on the Bouddi Peninsula in Australia



Oh wow, these are beautiful, where is the share buttons on this page? Have to share this.

So fabulously!!!

Zermatt rules! So cool!

It has to be the clock tower apartment for me, I love the quirky windows and the beautiful view.

Twitter: @hannah_domingo

World Most Beautiful Living Spaces…just make me in my mind of this wonderful architecture!

wow…..high taste plus hight tech with higher knowledge providing best living

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

My home beats them all! (how happy i am to feel like this!)

Awesome….Really nice Design I love all the designs….


I love these homes. They are all so beautiful! I think my favorite is the house in Montana, it’s a good reflection of the culture and feel in Montana. I think my least favorite is the cathedral. While it is stunning and cool too, I would feel funny living in a converted one. I mean, I sin enough as it is, it would only be worse if I were in an old renovated cathedral.

One day I will have it like that!! 🙂

Living in nature, surrounded by beauty. Waking daily to serenity and purity. Enviable and complete peace.

Very gifted architects

awesome places to pack your bags on a holiday 🙂

Brilliant. I am going to have one someday soon.:) Smart work is there with me but need luck too. Wish me luck guys. 🙂

Amazing ingenuity to think of building these.

So, basically, taking all the front page posts off of Reddit ‘s /r/roomporn qualifies as journalism now, huh?

Cool, an I be a journalist? I’m a huge fan of /r/abandonedporn myself.

It’d be pretty freaky to sleep “under water.”

Nice images
thanks for sharing

nice post…

It’s very good,I like i want to live this house.

Very gifted architects
this very….very beautiful!

super dreams

Iam breathless! how lucky those people are. what a way to live.

Wooooooow, Beautiful…… there’s are unreservedly amazing, is’t it!

I’ll take the underwater water bedroom in the Maldives please. I’d like to reserve for 3,365 days please. Yes, you heard me correctly. JUst put the tab on the White House please, Thanks, Rich

Amazing ingenuity to think of building these.

very nice places and awesome photos… looking forward to spend some time in this places

Wow!! that is amazing!

I adore all 20 living spaces! Just wouldn’t be able to sleep underwater; the other 19, I would love a couple of years to get tired of them (as if they could ever become tiresome.)

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I agree with Maggie in that I would feel very funny staying in a converted cathedral. I’m sure they never imaged that the cathedral would never be anything but.

Beautul models!! 🙂

So Beautifu Design. That’s my dream house!

Interesting concepts :))

Awesome! I cant wait to win the lottery!

Yup…amazing and wonderful creations….

cool places, i wish i could be there…


I feel like my head just went on vacation! WOW

Stunning, idyllic places!

so much to see and so much imagination and color. I loved the tree house!

So Beautiful .I like It.

Loved Visiting all houses-One could be my Dream House, Touchwood!


It’s really awesome, I have no words to say about this beautiful places, just one thing
Can I be go ever ???

Really I would like to visit all these places. Wonderful.

– TheIToons.

All are beautiful but the Oasis of the Seas must be the best because the scenery constantly changes.

Stunning!!!!!…Must be nice to be filthy rich 🙂

beautiful places, so nice collection..all pictures are awesome

Very nice

Awesome treatments thank you!

Seriously? NONE look comfortable…no, thanks….

I love to dream on like this

it’s realy amazing place!

The moment I saw the first photo, it gives me a gushing free breath like mmmm with Wow. I felt a healing touch in my heart.
They all are fabulous and I also like the aquatic bedroom.
Overall, I like them all and would like to have them. Cheers!

Wow! Look at that clock! Shall we say ticking? Aww….You built me a treehouse! That touches my heart! Love the warmth of Chalet Brickell in the French Alps! That Cathedral would make an awesome music studio! Thanks 🙂

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