Simple Patio Decorating Ideas

Most people think regarding patio decorating ideas being an immensely backbreaking and expensive job, but we simplistically acquire some brilliant patio decorating ideas that are cheap and effortlessly achievable at home.

The winter season is on and the patio is the best place to be in. Whether you’re having breakfast and reading a newspaper in the early sunlight or you’re snuggled with a book in a lawn chair watching the sky turn scarlet, a patio is conceived as the most favorite place. There is a variety of ways to turn your patio into a pragmatic work of art. Let’s start with the most commonly found decoration within the patio; the Flowerpots.

Painting The Old Pots


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The first thing to keep in mind is the theme and mood you’re going for. Colors are important in soothing the mood and binding the room together whereas, the patio itself is just like an outdoor living segment. Accordingly, you may choose from eccentric bright and vibrant colors or you can use a toner and more soothing vibe. I’d prefer using acrylics as they are quick to dry and become somewhat water resistant when dry. For bright and vibrant colors try using a gloss finish and matte finish for the tranquil and tony colors. The pots can also be painted with stripes or circles of different hues. You can use your own patio decorating ideas to give the pots a funky look.

Using Old Containers as Pots

Almost any container can be transformed into a flower pot. You can choose from kitchenware like old glass bottles, painted tin cans, an old kettle, old cracked bowls or items in your living room like ceramic jars and vases or a fishing bowl. If you wish to use something more diverse and unique, you can even use something like old boots. If the shape and density of the container seem appealing to you and the look is not coming off as colorful as you thought it would don’t worry! You can try painting the container to get a stark and absolute look.

Best Patio Decorating Idea; Adding Colors To The Collectionadding-colors-to-the-collections

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Start with a set of ideas and theme for decorating your patio. The strategy is to use the 60-30-10 ratio rule with analogous colors to get the most lavishing and lustrous look from the space and furniture we have. The rule is simple and can be easily used to turn a shallow and plain patio into a glorious piece of art. We divide the colors in a ratio of 60 percent dominant color, 30 percent secondary color and a 10 percent of an accent color. Now naturally the dominant color is the color of walls and eventually serves as the background of the scenery. The secondary color is of upholstery, you can use an assuasive color to serve as the secondary color for couches or bean bag chairs. The accent color will be of decorations such as flower pots and an eccentric color should be used for isolation.

Lighting; A Compulsory Patio Decorating Idea


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The ambiance is a very important aspect of decoration and design; it can either make or break the deal. The strategy we are going to use here is simple, we don’t want our patio to be flashy and loud but it should be calm and well lit. So we’re going to use layers of incandescent lights and blend them together at a proper distance. There are many patios decorating ideas for lighting that we can use, so we can do this by hanging grapevine ball lights or use a wire to hang a fish bowl with a bulb in it. String lights are most useful in decorating a patio and can be used in a number of ways. You can, either way, roll them up and throw them in a clear basket to make a lamp or stretch them across the patio to give a starry night feeling.

Painting Furniture:

The furniture can also be decorated as easily as it is used to decorate. Be it an old bistro set in the yard or a brand new store bought a coffee table, all it takes is a few cans of paint to personalize the furniture to match your style and fashion. You can paint the furniture with high gloss lacquer or you can give it a matte touch. You can personalize the coffee table by coloring it with rainbow hues or you can fashion it with different top and bottom colors. Try painting symmetric geometrical figures on the panels, it all rests at the whim of your command.

Going The Extra Mile:

You can further decorate the patio with accents such as an effulgent old lantern from a thrift shop that tells a story or an over-sized patio umbrella that radiates the feel of a Parisian bistro. The list is limitless you can place your grandpa’s old radio on the side table or build a fire pit in the center of the yard. The patio merely shadows a glimpse of your personality, so decorate it well.

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