Why Hire A Professional for a Trade Show Booth Design?

Do you remember the last trade show you attended? Which booths piqued your attention? Why did these booths pique your attention? Did the booths create enough attention to get you to speak to the exhibitor? How many of the exhibits do you still remember from the last trade show?

Trade shows are an opportunity for you to grow your brand and attract new customers. However, there is a lot of competition within these shows that you might end up standing in your booth all day without anyone doing as much as looking your direction. As such, you need a booth that gets attention; something that ExpoMarketing can help you create.

There is a lot pegged on the reception of your exhibit, including your ability to generate new leads. Being at a trade show should allow you to generate more sales or attract more prospective customers. By hiring trade show display experts, you are sure to stay at the top of current trends and create attention that draws people to your booth. A good booth must put into consideration the latest trends in graphic materials and marketing in order to create engaging displays.

At ExpoMarketing, limited display space is used creatively considering:

  • How to maximize the little space provided
  • What aspects of your business need more attention?
  • Demonstration and private meeting areas
  • Which lights match with your products to create more engagement

They not only ensure that your display meets all the above requirements but is approachable and prospects can connect with what you have to offer.

Create Attention and Engage Through Trade Show Presentations

Presentations for trade show

Image by: Eventbrite

One reason why a professional comes in handy when designing trade show displays is that they create presentations that get attention. First off, the design needs to catch the eye of prospects and beckon them to come closer. Several elements are crucial to creating a display that invites people. Graphics are the central part of that, but they need to be done creatively.

Sometimes a display might look good on screen, but then it falls short if certain aspects are not considered including space it is displayed, the entirety of the display and the materials it is displayed. Because professionals create displays regularly, they know how to create one that looks good on screen and the ground.

Unique Designs Created Within a Short Period

unique ideas

Image by: Team one

A good display should stand out against the competitors’ beckoning more prospects. Your logos and designs may look good when you are presenting to those who visit your booth but are they good enough to beat your competitors?

Professionals can create custom designs for you or optimize the designs for you, to compete against those in the trade show.

You can always create a trade show display in-house if you have an experienced team. However, if your team has to train for the job, you could end up caught with no design and the show dates are due. A good display requires that you work with fabricators, graphic designers, lighting experts, and logistics workers all at the same time. Your team might end up missing crucial details that might interfere with your schedule.


Let ExpoMarketing Do It for You

Trade show booth Expomarketing

Image by: Ieftech

Experience, Expertise, and Knowledge are the terms that best describe professional trade show display designers. Let us handle your display, and you will not regret it.