If you are browsing the internet for home ideas or decoration, you are in the right place. Hence, you will come across the most beautiful living spaces across the globe. Also, you are sure to enjoy these impressive beauties. Besides, some will click to your heart and grip your soul altogether.

Outdoor Living Spaces: An ideal way to reside

The furthest area inside your home regarding the set-up over the years is an outdoor living space. Earlier, this space was meant for keeping the scrap of the house. Now it serves as an outdoor kitchen, a TV lounge, a dining place, etc. Also, you can see it for yourself by looking at the following images.

Outdoor Living Spaces on a Budget: A TV lounge

Sitting indoors all the time bores you at times. So, you tend to move outdoors. But, watching a movie in some theater with your whole family is not easily affordable. Here, it proves really wonderful if you have an outdoor living space as a TV lounge. Thus, the whole family can enjoy an outdoors-sort-of fun at home on a budget.

Modern Living Spaces: outdoor kitchen idea

Cooking something at your modern outdoor kitchen is a most relaxed way to prepare meals for your family. Hence, moving out of that congested indoor kitchen into the one with a fresh outdoor environment is a happy experience.

Outdoor Dining Spaces: Eat with Delight

Properly arranged in an eye-catching decor, your outdoor dining place can also fill your bellies besides soothing your mood and spirits. Also, It may give you pleasant feelings and a touch of having dinner at some five-star restaurant outdoors. Besides, you may also serve your guests here if the weather supports you that day.

Outdoor Living Spaces with fire pits: Comfort with facility

Soothing yourself with the warm gales of air from your outdoor fire pits is really a paradise on earth. Thus, time will seem flying away and you will feel reluctant to leave the place even after hours.

Small Living Spaces: The real art of decor

Decorating a small living space in your home is the real test of your skills. Also, a small living space may look like a real wide one. This is when you have an aesthetic sense and deep vision. Followings are a few images to show you the real worth of this art.

Decorating Small Living Spaces: A challenge to meet



World Most Famous Living Spaces: A pride for beauty

In today’s article we have collected the most beautiful living spaces around the world. Also, these architectural designs heavily influence local remodeling companies as well.

London House with a Glass Roof: A Beautiful House in the World One of the Amazing Living Spaces

Situated in Chelsea, a rich area of London, is a home with an ideal feature. Having four rooms with four washrooms, the home also has a top floor family region. Moreover, there is also an adjustable glass rooftop. This wonderful  house is available for sale for a cool 3.75 million pounds.

Platform House Concept, Sydney: One of the Amazing Living Spaces

On a triangular block in Sydney’s east, a new living platform brings light, air and space to a lovely site. Besides, responding to the site’s limits of light and open space, living zones rise to the tree shades.  Moreover, these offer rich vistas, much light and a sense of horizon. Also, owing to an absence of open space, there appeared two special outside connections. First at the ground level, the current volume was pared back to make a cool garden. Then, second at the first floor, living spaces open out to a bright, north-facing deck.

This new living platform makes a datum – a nonstop horizon-line where openings are  situated in response to greenery and views.

The depth of the south-face provides a dialogue with the street. Also, this goes with deep easygoing in-habitation of windows seats along this height.

Danang Sun Peninsula, Vietnam: An excellent Living Space

Undoubtedly, Danang is a forgotten seaside city. It is full with bright seashores, rolling mountains, and religious memories. Also, It is considered as a drop-off point for many Vietnam’s small cities surrounding the coast. Moreover, Danang attracts its own tourists to enjoy the natural beauty and historical leftovers.

The Sleeper-McCann House in Gloucester: Most Amazing Rooms in the World

While standing at the doorstep, guests get their first look at the private space of Henry Davis Sleeper. Also, the garden, similar to the house itself, was developed in the mid-1900s. Today, the landscape looks very much like it did in the late 1920s. Then, the grounds best reflected Sleeper’s ideas. Furthermore, the land surrounding the house bears a decent variety of spaces. These spaces make the region appear to be bigger.

Beginning from the passage, the treatments advance from a natural look to a  formal style nearer  the house.

Materials change from rough stone to more formal brick. Moreover, the pattern moves from streaming lines to strict geometry. Also, the plantings move from natural local species to beds of ideal plants and the cross-matched. Furthermore, with its spaces and open-air rooms, the garden is a good piece of Sleeper’s idea.

A Gallery of Images: World-Class Living Spaces

I am sure you will hate your apartment after checking out the images below. Also, starting from Switzerland, across America and up to Australia, there are no better interior designs. Moreover, I have attached the best I could in the gallery below. I hope you will enjoy to your maximum.

The Living Space of Heinz Julen , Switzerland


The Living Space of Clock Tower Apartment , NY


The Yellowstone Club, Montana


The Firefly ski chalet , Switzerland


Resort in St. Lucia


Chalet Brickell in France


Converted cathedral


The Over Water Bungalow in Bora Bora


The Igloo Village , Finland


The Ladera Resort in St. Lucia


The Underwater bedroom in the Maldives


The Living space of Garden House in Brazil


The Pretty Beach House in Australia


Jade Mountain in St. Lucia


The Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia


The Living Space of Tree House in Costa Rica



The Royal Loft Suite aboard the Oasis of the Seas


The Chalet Zermatt Peak in Switzerland


The One Room Glass Iglo House