Recently it came to my attention that something and mundane as stairs can be really interesting and exciting. After browsing internet for a while and exploring interesting interior and staircase designs i decided to make a best of list for today’s article. Seems to me that designers experience a lot of problems when it comes to space. It is like they are unable to find out a good way to work with the space under  the stairs, so they are giving up on it and leaving it empty. Needles to say, some of the today’s entries surely find out a perfect way, yet some did opposite and took another direction… If you like the post be sure to share it and recommend to your friends…

Hanging Stairs


Timber Stripe Staircase


Understairs Space


Staircase In Northampton


Tree Stairs


Sensualscaping Stairs


Tree Banister


Bookcase Staircase


Flower Petal Staircase


Otherworldly Stairs


Spiral Slide Staircase


Lace Staircase


Sloping Stairs


Flat F.M. Stairs


La Maison Unique Stairs


Staircase Slide Combo


Space-Saving Stairs


Workplace Stair Unit


Metal Staircase


Library Slider Stairs