Ideas For The Best Home Value

The numbers are in: Landscaping is the most profitable way to update your home. Various research on property in South Carolina has determined that improving a landscape from average quality to great quality can increase home value from 10 to 12 percent. This means that while remodeling the kitchen, converting attics, basements or garages and replacing doors and windows can recoup some of your costs in the form of home value, every penny spent on landscaping will come back your way when you sell your property.

However, not every homeowner is a natural landscape artist. If you need tips on how to improve the exterior of your home in 2019 — and beyond — read on.

Levels of Sophistication

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Your first goal should be to honestly and accurately assess the level of sophistication in your current landscape and then work to elevate it. In the survey that identified landscaping as paramount to home value, researchers understood three sophistication levels, which included:

Foundation planting only. Foundation planting consists of beds of plants along a home’s foundation. Typically, these plantings aren’t especially creative or unique; they will usually consist of common shrubs. Often, homes like this also boast an unadorned lawn.

Foundation planting with one or two island plantings and trees. Island plantings are beds of flora that are unattached to the foundation plantings.

Foundation planting with adjoining beds, several large island plantings. The more numerous and the larger the island plantings, the more visual interest the landscaping has.

When asked, most homeowners and homebuyers place the highest value on high sophistication in the landscape design. However, merely installing more planting spaces isn’t enough to attract positive attention to your home. You might also improve the value with the following considerations:

Less Lawn, but Still Lawn

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Modern homeowners understand better than previous generations the work required to maintain a lawn. Tasks like lawn fertilization, watering, mowing and aeration take knowledge and skill as well as the proper tools and sufficient time, most of which the average homeowner lacks. As a result, few want to cover their entire property with grass. Still, most homeowners are accustomed to the look and function of a lawn and expect to see at least a small green patch somewhere in the landscape. You should include grass somewhere in your landscaping designs, but it shouldn’t dominate, which will scare away informed investors.

More Trees, but the Right Trees

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Trees are one of the few additions to a home that appreciates over time. Homebuyers love the look and feel of tall, old trees, but trees only grow big and age well when they are properly planted. If you plan to stay in your current home for at least 10 years, you will get the best value by installing young trees now. Over time, they will grow to look magnificent, but you won’t spend a fortune on older trees that need professional planting. Then again, if you expect to sell this property soon, it might be worthwhile to buy larger trees now, to give homebuyers what they want sooner.
Additionally, you should pay close attention to the features of the trees you put on your property. According to a survey of homebuyers, the best homes boast a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees. This means that only some trees on your property should lose their leaves, reducing homeowner yardwork needs.

Well-placed Lights Increase Home Value


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Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of landscaping. Many homeowners believe the lights from their home or streetlights provide enough illumination in their yards, but the truth is that well-placed lights can alter the atmosphere of the landscape and add visual interest.

At the very least, you might consider installing Malibu lights, which shed light along pathways to help guests navigate the landscape safely. Typically, Malibu lights are solar-powered, which means you don’t need to worry about wires or plugs in your landscaping design.

Other Odds and Ends Affecting Home Value

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Proper landscape design requires plenty of groundwork, so to speak. You should research your regional climate and test your soil to understand what types of plants will grow. Also you should plan your irrigation system, so you and future owners won’t need to water the landscape manually. It might be worth your money to consult with a professional landscape designer, who can guarantee a cohesive and attractive yard. Then, you can customize slightly with landscape décors, such as lawn ornaments, patio furniture and the like.