The Art of Kitchen Designing

Cooking is an art and kitchens are the place in any home where that magic takes place. We spend quite a time in our kitchens; from making breakfast in the morning to the late night snacking. Kitchens are a necessity in every home, and a clean kitchen reflects positively on your character, especially when the kitchen is visible from the living room. Basic problem nowadays is that if you’re living in the city, then there’s a thin chance that you’re able to afford a large house, most people are living in flats or apartments and they don’t have huge rooms to accommodate a large kitchen. So, to solve this issue we are giving you some extremely trendy and affordable ideas to build an exquisite, one of a kind kitchen with these unique small kitchen design ideas.

21 Appealing, Yet Attractive Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Here is our pick of the best and unique small kitchen design ideas:

1. Act White:

Image by Pexels

Believe it or not, but the simplest way to add a spacious, light, and airy atmosphere to the room; is to sketch it in white.

2. Scalloped Back-splash:

Image by Pixabay

Scalloped tiles are chic and lit. They’re back in trend and will make your kitchen radiant. You can use small kitchen design ideas of tiles from here.

3. Go-Green:

Image by Pexels

Green accents and tiles create a very fresh and natural impression in the kitchen. You can also grow green herbs and plants in the kitchen if possible. Try these ideas.

4. Absolute Pitch:

Image by Pexels

Black cabinets are exquisite and something completely different. They add a refined and admirable sense to the kitchen, especially if paired with gold or brass trim. Check this transformation.

5. Re-imaging your Kitchen Tools as Art:

Image by Pexels

If you’re the creative type and don’t mind giving a little extra effort to make your kitchen a lot more artsy, then these small kitchen design ideas are for you. Check out NoGlitterNoGlory’s Kitchen renovation with art.

6. Lime Green and White:

Image by Pinterest

Add a striking flavor to your kitchen, with this funky and hip combo of lime green and whites. As we stated earlier that green accents are fresh, their hues can get pretty modish too. Check this lime green kitchen.

7. Open-Cabinets:

Image by Pexels

Add zest to your kitchen by having open-cabinets. Check this idea of painted open cabinets.

8. It Sounds Alright on Paper:

Image by Pexels

Add finesse and elegance to your kitchen with these small kitchen design ideas with wallpapers.

9. Removable Kitchen Tile:

kitchen tiles

Image by Pixabay

If you’re living in a rental then these removable-tiles for the kitchen are perfect for you.

10. Fabric as kitchen wall back-splash:

Image by Pexels

These are amazing small kitchen design ideas to make a kitschy kitchen. Try this outrageously creative method to keep your wallpaper free of grease.

11. Vinyl back-splash:

Image by Pexels

If you’re not too heavy on an expensive redo then these lustrous small kitchen design ideas with vinyl back-splash are perfect. Check this amazing idea by Brooke Riley for a cheap yet stylish kitchen.

12. Plywood:

Ply-wood Kitchen

Image by Pixabay

Get a stunning essence of wooden seasoning by using plywood back-splashes to adorn your kitchen. Here’s how-to-do small kitchen design ideas with plywood from Mandi Johnson.

13. Plexiglas Panels:

Image by Pinterest

These gleaming alternative small kitchen design ideas will give your kitchen a polished environment. Check this creative and spacious design.

14. Stainless Steel and Copper Sheets:

Image by Pexels

These small kitchen design ideas with metallic sheets as back-splash are marvelously silvery. Check this gold-tinted copper subway-tiled back-splash here.

15. Bringing It to Light:

Image by Pexels

Under-Cabinet lighting makes a big difference in small kitchens. Check these ideas on under cabinet lights.

16. The Scandinavian:

Scandinavian kitchen

Image by Pixabay

We’re in love with the simplistic and modish Scandinavian architecture. These a la mode small kitchen design ideas are spectacular. Check this awesome Scandinavian kitchen.

17. Smoke and Mirrors:

Image by Pexels

Get more light into the room by adding mirror back-splashes. They’re also very easy to clean and add radiance to the room. Check these amazing mirror back-splashes.

18. Lacquered ceilings:

Image by Pexels

Another great and very effective technique is to paint the kitchen ceiling with lacquer matching the color schemes of the hallways, which gives a very bright and lighter mood to the kitchen area.

19. Drop Pots from the Ceiling:

Image by Pexels

As the majority of the space is taken by large cooking utensils, so it’s a great and unique idea to add hanging utensils stand (pot rack) from the ceiling.

20. Wall-Length Cabinets:

Image by Pexels

In order to increase the storage space you can design your kitchen cabinets on the entire wall and to reach the top ones what a trendy and creative idea it will be to have a rolling ladder just like some typical library it will give a whole new and trendy look to your place.

21. Appliance Garage:

Custom Cabinets

Image by Pixabay

These custom made cabinets are life savers as they add the additional space needed for the appliance clutter on the shelves. Check out how to make a custom appliance garage yourself here.