Owning a house is in most cases a great thing. Having a property of your own and being able to do whatever you want there.

However, home ownership is also a responsibility. You need to take care of your house, no matter if you consider it a loved place or a wise investment in the future.

Water damage is just one of the situations you need to keep your eye out for because it can cause quite a lot of damage. What’s particularly problematic about water damage is that sometimes you don’t even notice it before it has already done a lot of damage and caused you financial and material damage.

KIC Restoration Inc. experts offer a brief overview of the most common causes of water damage in homes that you need to be on a lookout for.

Leaky Pipes

There are a lot of pipes going through our homes, leading to every room you want to have water in. However, for one reason or another, these pipes can burst and cause a lot of problems. More often than not, you will be able to detect a problem quickly.


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Some people avoid older houses because they expect that the plumbing system won’t be able to keep up with the modern lifestyle. However, it is always good to have an inspection asking the previous owners if they have done any work on the pipes.

Pipes rupture mostly due to the deterioration of the material, particularly on the joints, but the cause can also be clogs or high pressure and temperature of water in the system. The pipes outside your house can also be susceptible to damage from freezing and thawing.


There is no underlying problem here, jut the clogging which causes the toilet or the bathtub to overfill and cause a flood in the house. Even though it is not considered as serious as other potential issues, it can still do damage to your house, and you still need to take it seriously.

The same thing goes for appliances which use a lot of water, like washing machines and dishwashers. You know the cause and how to stop it, but you do have to act quickly and have the consequences dealt with as soon as possible.

Flash Floods

If your home is in an area which is prone to flash flooding or if that has happened before, you may want to consider flooding insurance. The bottom line is that you can’t really do much to prevent the damage if a flash flood happens.
What you can do is be prepared for a bad situation and ensure that you have some kind of a financial backing to rely on.

When moving to a new house in a new town, this might be a good thing to research before you decide to buy the house and live there.

Roof Problems

Finally, if the roof of your house is not protecting it properly, your house may end up flooded even though everything else is functioning great with your home.

Take a close look at the gutters on the house. If they seem problematic and unsafe, you can try them out by hosing some water into them. The gutters should divert all of the water from your home.

Another roof issue are cracked or missing roof tiles. Even though you may not see it at first, roof damage can cause a lot of flooding and mold problems for you in the future.

Water damage is a very serious problem, but if you take care of your house and have regular maintenance done to it, chances are that you will be fine.