Here at UltraHome, we take your privacy very seriously. The “Privacy Policy” of UltraHome highlights some major privacy practices in reference to the valuable data we analyze on a daily basis at our website.

How We Record, Analyze, and interpret Information on UltraHome?

First things first, we may record data (personal information), which is directly provided by you
(if you choose to deliver the particular information). For instance, if you are providing us with
your personal information like your contact number, email address, full name, age, gender,
date of birth, or similar sort of data while signing up to our site, then we will record and analyze
this information later on.

We may also record your personal information when you engage on UltraHome blog or
participate in discussions. For your information, our site visitors will be able to see your
comments. Therefore, you should prohibit from sharing personal data or sensitive content that
you do not want anybody to know.

Automatically Collected Information

In addition, UltraHome collects some of the information automatically as soon as you visit the

UltraHome and our third-party partners may track your activity right when you open up the
website. It happens automatically through tools like web beacons, cookies, and other reliable

Now this automatically collected data consists of your IP address, the operating system used by
you, web browser and its system settings, data related to the mobile phone or the device
through which you have visited the site, clickstream data, which shows your continuous
browsing activity, and exclusive device identifiers.

This is how UltraHome and our third-party vendors may record and analyze the information
you provide.


Storing ‘Cookies’ is one of the most common ways of collecting information. Cookies are small
archives typically used by online sites to store information about their users on their very own
computers. UltraHome uses different types of local storage systems and cookies including
HTML5 cookies, Flash cookies, and HTTP cookies to store user information.

If you want to know more about cookies, please visit and learn
more about their usage. Check out the section under ‘your choices’ if you want to know more
about how to limit the cookies’ activity or disable the use of cookies on your computer.

However, if you plan on disabling cookies, then this would affect various features on our

Web Beacons

Another way we use to record information is web beacons. Web beacons are small files that
connect web pages to certain web servers and their cookies. These web beacons can be utilized
in a number of ways. For instance, they allow you to record the number of visitors to the site
and the time each user spends on the website. Not just that they also record how users
navigate through the site, which blog posts visitors are reading.

UltraHome may also use Google Analytics. It provides information regarding users activity and
engagement on our site.

“Do Not Track” Signals

Some browsers offer “do not track” functionality signaling web engines do not track your
activity. However, just like various other websites, UltraHome is not constituted to react back
to the “do not track” signals.

How We Make Use of the Information We Gather?

The information we gather through various resources we use it for different purposes. We
collect data from you in order to:

  • Provide services and products you asked for
  • Reply to the queries, remarks, and your appeals
  • Suggest you the services or products you are interested in by using various
    marketing tactics
  • Provide you with content and proposals as per your online hobbies and interests
  • Expand our blog and appraise the site just to enhance the quality of the content for
    optimal user experience
  • Execute data analysis of site usage. We carry out trend analysis, financial analysis,
    market and customer research, and personal data analysis.
  • Protect against any form of unlawful activity and fraud on UltraHome
  • Conform to the legalities and law enforcement requirements, as well as, follow our

How Do We Share Information?

UltraHome’s consultants, stakeholders as well as service providers have the liberty to use the information we collect. In addition, we may share your info with our affiliates, law enforcement agencies, and advertisers.

Child Privacy

UltraHome is targeted at adult individuals. It is not designed for children. A child is someone who is under the age of 16. We do not collect info of children under the age of 16.

Information for users outside the US

UltraHome is a site catering people from all around the globe and hence our affiliates may
transfer and process your personal data outside the United States. Now, each country has its
own set of rules in safeguarding your data. In view of that, we take diligent steps to protect the
integrity of your data when it is transferred internationally.

By using UltraHome, you give us your approval to the conditions of this Privacy Policy as well as
the collection, use, maintenance and transfer of your information in the US or other countries.
However, we do assure that we have hardwired security protocols in place to ensure your data
does not get into the hands of parties/individuals with malicious intent.

UltraHome Trademark and Logo

The name UltraHome, the domain and related trademarks, logos, products and
service names are trademarks of UltraHome or its affiliates. You may not use any of our
trademarks without prior permission. We can take legal action against violators of this policy.

How We Protect Personal Data

We have installed adequate administrative and technical cybersecurity protocols to protect
your personal data. Having said that, it is still a chance for hackers and cybercriminals to access
the information you submit to us online. So, please be forewarned, there is always a risk when
you are sharing your personal data online.

Links To Other Websites

At UltraHome, we link to other websites. Those websites have their own privacy policies, which
you should go through. Once you navigate away from UltraHome, we will not be liable for any
breach of your personal data.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation in EU law, which provides protection and privacy for individuals living within the European Union. So, if you are from the EU, it is best you inquire about your rights under the GDPR act. We only process your personal data when we have to comply with legal obligations, for our lawful attentions of those of a third party, and where you have provided us your permission to our particular use.