Moving can be expensive. That is why it is important to prepare your stuff before the removalists from Hornsby get to your house. Here are some tips that can help you prepare your goods so that the removalists Hornsby can cut your moving costs even more.

Marking all of your boxes


                One of the best ways to create a successful move is to make sure that you clearly mark every box with its destination room in your new home. Get a large black marker and clearly mark the top of every box. It should be easy for your mover to understand so that they can put the boxes in the same spot in your new home. For example, you will want to make sure to mark the bedrooms with a number. If you put “Tony’s Room”, you may have to switch all the boxes because your movers won’t know which room is “Tony’s Room”. However, you can mark the bedrooms in the new home by numbers and then put a sheet on the door of your new rooms with a big number on it, so they can get the boxes in the right room. It will definitely save you a lot of time later on. Also, you may have the urge to pack a box and then put it in one room to help the movers. This will likely only shave off a few minutes overall for the movers and it will also give them the idea that you are okay with the boxes going anywhere. When they have to go into the rooms to get the packages, they will assume that you want them to put them back in the individual rooms. Don’t assume that they will know where to put things but if you have the rooms labeled and the boxes labeled, a good mover will put the boxes where they need to go and then you can just direct them with questions about the furniture. That way you can hire cheap interstate removalists and protect your goods.

Packing your dishes

Unpacked moving boxes in Living Room

                Your dishes may not be your prized possessions, but it is so much easier to protect them so that they survive the move, then having to buy them all over again. You will want to make sure that you choose to buy a corrugated box around the same size as a small microwave. It may seem like that will lead to a lot more boxes, but if you over pack a dish box and it slips in a movers hand, you will be sifting through the rubble to find one dish that you can use. The box should be about as wide as one of your large dishes to fit in with enough room for your hands to fit in all sides. That way you can fit your fingers into the box to pull your dishes back out. Get a roll of packing paper and put a piece of paper between all of your dishes. Then crumble some up and put some in the four corners. For quick removal, you don’t have to pack all the way around if you put enough crumbled packing paper in all four corners. That way when you go to unpack your dishes, you can simply slide your hands down the sides and pull the dishes out instead of taking all of the packing materials out first. Be sure to use packing tape on both sides of the box to ensure that it doesn’t break in transport where you will be able to save on the cheap interstate removalist’s services and not have to buy new dishes.


When it comes to packing your glasses, choose a similar size corrugated box or even a box a little smaller. You will need to pack the inside of the glass with packing paper and then wrap them individually. Sit them in the box facing up and down and then pack around them with crumpled packing paper. Also, make sure that you label it “Fragile” so that your movers know to be extra careful. You can also use bubble wrap. It takes up more space in the box but will protect your most precious glass items. You can also line the box with bubble wrap and then wrap each piece individually in packing paper.