There is little doubt that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home. It should be a space where you can go to relax and refresh yourself, so it can have a huge impact on how you feel. It means that when it comes to home improvement, this is always an area that is worth some extra thought and consideration. One of the best improvements that a homeowner can make is to install a power shower. Those who have them installed will testify that the high-pressure spray is the only way to feel completely refreshed, it is much faster to shower, and it can be incredibly invigorating. How do you install one? Below are the steps to follow so you can install a power shower in your home.

What Is A Power Shower?

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First, it is important to define exactly what this type of shower is and why you should have one. A power shower combines water from both hot and cold water supplies, with a thermostat controlling the temperature. There is usually a pump inside the box on the wall which can boost the pressure for greater water pressure which is better and faster for feeling brand new and reinvigorated.

Getting Started

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You need to turn off the electricity and select where the unit will be positioned and mark the areas where the pipes and cable will go. Next, you will need to scan for cables and wires within the wall before any drilling can commence. Cables should be buried vertically or horizontally in the middle of the switch and unit.


You will then need to drill holes to connect the water supply and turn the water supply stopcock off and let the cold water run dry so that you can connect a copper pipe to the rising main. You will then need to reconnect the rest of the pipework,and it is a smart move to install a stop valve so that the water can quickly be switched off in the future.

Final Stages

Next, you will need to reconnect the cold water and attach a hosepipe over the end of the pipe. You should then flush the new pipe to see if there are any leaks and check that everything works as it should. This will complete the shower installation, and you will then be free to enjoy this amazing showering experience and admire your handy work. If you have any issues with the installation, it is worth enlisting the help of a specialist.

A power shower can transform your bathroom and even your entire life. There is nothing quite like stepping into the shower first thing in the morning or after a long day; the increased water pressure feels amazing, and it can also help you to feel much more refreshed and invigorated than before. Installation can be straightforward and done by yourself, but many people will feel more comfortable having a professional carry out the work. Either way, this is one of the best upgrades that you can make to the bathroom and should be considered by every homeowner.