Professional Pest Control:

If you are dealing with a pest control problem, the best thing to do is call a trained exterminator. Terminix has been in the business of pest control for over 90 years and employs professionals for all kinds of pests. Here are some of the top pest control tips for working with Terminix:

Getting In Touch:

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Terminix has a great, easy-to-navigate website that can help you get in touch with a professional in your area. The website also offers plenty of other useful information to help you prepare your home for the exterminators.

The Initial Visit:

Pest Control Tips

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In some cases, a Terminix professional may schedule an initial visit to assess the situation before formulating a plan of action. Terminix has pros who can deal with a variety of pests, but the process itself will vary depending on the nature of the pest and the size of your home. Terminix also offers free estimates and can perform a home pest inspection to help ensure that your home is protected.

The Process:

Pest Control Tips

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The process will vary depending on the type of pest in your house. If you have cockroaches, for instance, a Terminix professional will spray your home. If you have raccoons, traps can be set or other methods employed to get the critters out of your home safely. Ranging from bugs to rodents, there are many unwanted guests that Terminix can help rid your home of.

Follow-Ups and Protection:

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In addition to your service, Terminix also offers a variety of home safety measures to ensure that the pests will not return. This can include securing chimneys and drain pipes. If you’ve had unwanted critters move into your home, you can be sure that the pest is as good as gone when you turn to Terminix.