The Ideology of Outdoor Water Fountains

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When it comes to furnishing your home, nothing can glorify your lawn or garden better than outdoor water fountains. With a well-balanced approach in your mind, you will definitely like to create an environment outdoors as welcoming as your indoor living space. If you are devoid of such an aesthetic in your home garden, go for it the earliest you can. We have worked out some fabulous outdoor water fountains ideas for you to consider. All you need is to follow these creative ideas passionately, adoring your home garden, lawn or backyard with water music.

Outdoor Water Fountains Styles with Images

Outdoor Water Fountains

Image: Pexels

Art knows no boundaries; the more you ponder over the things, the more you come up with the clicking ideas. It only requires a little bit of imagination and a water work system to get the things going. You may devise your own ways by taking a lead from the following impressive ideas and images of outdoor water fountains.

Ceramic Solar Water Feature Koi Fountain:

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Eco-friendly, unique and vibrant, this smart looking fountain will highlight the beauty of your garden to the peak. Made of ceramics and fitted with a submersible and recirculating pump, the fountain ensures years of durability. Being solar-powered, it operates in direct sunlight and never gets spoiled because of the blue colored water and weather resistant varnish. The water keeps flowing through the mouth of the fountain featuring with a koi figurine and a birdbath.

Resin Falls Cascading Fountain:

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Proving to be a crowing statement for your home garden due to its sweet water music, this copper falls fountain is featured with burnished copper and natural river stones. Multiple cascading streams of water flowing endlessly from each of its stylized lotus help convert your garden into an oasis. Fitted with a hidden reservoir to constantly recycle water, this exclusive fountain may be placed indoors to create a peaceful, meditative atmosphere.

Waterfall Tabletop Fountain With LED Light:

Outdoor Water Fountains

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Perfectly placed over a table or desk, this gleaming outdoor water fountain brings the soothing sound of flowing water. An electric pump cycles the water which spurts from the fountain top and cascades down a wall made of polyresin material. Filled with river rocks to create a more natural look, this high-profile fountain lifts off the base for easy access to the submersible pump and three LED lights. You can simply fill the base with water and place the fountain on a flat surface in your home garden.

Poly-stone Tree Trunks Waterfall Fountain With LED Lights:

Using the strength of fiberglass, the newest waterfall fountains present the look of stone and wood. The same goes with this superb-looking fountain which when fully lit presents a very bright and eye-catching view. Multiple water flow results from different tiers and creates a relaxing and serene environment.

Waterfall Like Wall Fountain:

Also suitable for a patio, these types of outdoor water fountains feature an endless ribbon of water from the side of raised planters. You may stand it next to a staircase where it will help define the wall as well as add immense visual appeal and mystery to space.

Fountain in the Front:

An enchanting water fountain in the very front appeals to everybody passing through that area quickly. It even causes the passers-by to stop and look at the water beauty besides listening to its melodious music. The whole ordinary passage gets converted into an oasis that invites lingering in the lush landscaping.

Stream-like Fountain:

Outdoor Water Fountains

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The idea here is to bisect the garden with a shallow stream cascading over a stone wall into a pool. This most serene and appealing idea of outdoor water fountains will fascinate the onlookers at first sight.

Wooden Barrel Water Fountain:

This is not purely a wooden fountain but instead, it is lined with plastic to withstand moisture or mold build-up. Most often this sort of fountain is kept in the patio or the backyard.

Ceramic Cascade Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain:

Outdoor Water Fountains

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Consisting of a number of bowls, this sort of fountain presents a real beauty while serving as a bird bath. Courtesy to a hidden solar powered pump, this fountain causes the water to flow from one bowl to another. Selecting the bowls in a single or multiple shade or color is up to your taste.

Three-tier Fountain:

Outdoor Water Fountains

Image by Pexels

Apparently looking very much fancy, these attractive outdoor water fountains can easily be prepared from the drift shop items. You can say that, sometimes, cheap things can also produce beauty in this way. The variation in its finished look depends on what you finally select from the drift shop.

Pitcher Pouring Water Fountain:

Sometimes our simple pots with spouts can also serve as a great base of very good looking outdoor water fountains. For example, a pitcher or a nice looking tea-pot can form a lovely fountain if it allows water to flow from its spout. Moreover, you can use more than one such pot to make a flow of water in steps.

Keg Overflowing Look:

A simple keg or a bucket made of stone or plastic filled with water through a water-pipe can overflow itself. This overflowing pot can serve as one of the most thrilling outdoor water fountains. This kind of fountain presents a real natural look.

Parisienne Two-tier:

This is a massive centerpiece presenting an example of a big-boy style of the fountain. It requires an extensive installation and stands out as the epitome of fountain design. Just on catching its first glimpse, you will start appreciating this eye-catching beauty even from a distance.

Zen Plinth:

Having a weight of over a hundred pounds, this type of fountain requires a solid foundation. Besides, being ideal in locations inviting a bit of whimsy, this fountain is available in nine different colors. Zen Plinth is made of concrete and looks both modern and antique at one and the same time.

By selecting the right kind of outdoor water fountains, you can make your home garden your favorite place. You will definitely like to spend your maximum possible time out there if you have adored your home garden as per your taste and ideas. The above mentioned outdoor water fountains ideas will help you achieve this very objective elegantly.