Did you dream of having a luxury, chic and glamorous kitchen that is equipped with the latest technology and has a spacious pantry to store everything you may or may not use? The reality? You hardly get 200 square feet of space to call your kitchen. The room which is supposed to be the liveliest in the house becomes desolate and drab. After all who’d want to stay in a cramped up space that is filled with clutter and barely enough room to walk without banging into something? Following are some quick tips for best kitchen storage ideas.

Best Kitchen Storage Solutions of 2019

If that sounds like you, then don’t worry. Take a look at some of the best kitchen storage ideas that you can adopt without making costly alterations.

Vertical Cabinet Kitchen Storage Ideas

You must be familiar with the Konmari organizing method, which is all the rage these days. According to this, everything should be placed vertically to get the most out of available space. Kitchens are no exception. Experts of modern kitchen ideas are assimilating this method in their techniques. Reorganize the stuff in your kitchen cabinets vertically, and you’ll observe how much space you were wasting before.

Squeeze In A Vertical Pantry

I’m not kidding when I say “Squeeze,” you can literally do that. Just like in this picture. Not only does a vertical pantry resolves the storage issue but also makes your kitchen more functional. You can quickly grab whatever you need while cooking.

Vertical Squeeze Pantry

Image by: Decorpad

Exquisite Kitchen Storage Idea; Store Dishware

Storing dishware and china is probably the most difficult task, especially in small kitchens. However, vertical cabinets are perfect for this job. You can store precious chinaware, which is prone to breakage, in the shelves out of children’s reach.

Vertical dishware storage idea

Image by: Parklogic

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Oh, did I say storing chinaware is the most challenging part? Let me take that back. Utilizing the space in the corners is the hardest part of planning a kitchen. And if you have a small kitchen, you’ll find this already arduous task even more daunting. The solution, however, is unexpectedly easy although you will need to hire professional assistance for the job.

Corner kitchen storage idea

Image by: Dtas

Install Rotating Shelve Cabinet

The reason I suggest cabinets with rotating shelves is because of the high level of accessibility they provide. It’s usually hard to reach the things in the back of the drawers, but with rotating shelves, you can easily grab whatever you need by revolving the rack. Pots and pans that are too huge and shaped irregularly to fit into any other storage are ideal for keeping in corner cabinets.

Rotating shelf corner kitchen storage

Image by: Elcoffee

Easy to Grab Utensils and Cutlery

Speaking of irregular shapes, cutlery and utensils are the next most challenging objects to store in the kitchen. Due to the difference in their sizes, keeping them together confuses when you require them urgently, let’s say for an unplanned dinner for your boss. Not to mention the clutter that ensues when we place them randomly in a drawer.

easy utensils access at corner shelf

Image by: Stpaulopenstreets

One standard technique of Konmari method is dividing a drawer into sections to make it optimal for various objects, depending on their shapes and sizes. Utensils such as forks, knives, spoons, and chopsticks as well as other knickknacks like sifters, ladles and measuring cups are perfectly storable in corner kitchen cabinets.

DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

For self-sufficient people out there, Do-it-Yourself hacks are always the priority. Although we suggest hiring a professional for immediate and best results, there are still some areas where you can work your magic. Keep in mind that among many DIY kitchen cabinet hacks present on the web, only a handful of works.

DIY home kitchen storage ideas

Image by: Homebnc

Pull-Out Trays Under The Sink

Typically, a lot of area is wasted under the sink. Because drainage and plumbing pipes do not leave enough room for a drawer, it becomes impossible to incorporate proper woodwork. And that’s where DIY comes in. You can install pull-out trays for dishwashing liquid/soap and sponges. These pull-out trays take no effort to install and can be found at any local supermarket.

Pull out trays under sink

Image by: Iglesiamirador

Hooks and Hangers for Kitchen Linen

We’re talking about exploiting as much free space as available to us, which also includes the walls and sides of drawers. There are a variety of chic and elegant hangers available in the market that you can fix in the kitchen by yourself. They are most impactful on bare and clean walls. Placing them to the side of the kitchen island is also a good idea. These hangers can hold napkins, kitchen towels, rags, and gloves, eliminating the need for a separate drawer for these things, consequently, increasing the storage capacity of the kitchen.

Hooks and hangers for kitchen linen

Image by: Taylah

Yay to the Magnetic Spice Rack!

It is standard to built overhead kitchen drawers above the stove range. But in my opinion, it creates a cramped and congested effect in the kitchen. Instead of overhead cabinets, you can perform a DIY project. Magnetic Spice Racks are pretty popular these days. They come in small containers that you can stick on a magnetized board.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas because

…a small kitchen is still a small kitchen, you gotta make-do with whatever you have. Try looking up more unique small kitchen design ideas online to pick up additional options for your kitchen. Whatever tip you decide to implement, make sure that it’s suitable with the layout of your kitchen. If you’re not careful with the planning, you can mess it up entirely.

small kitchen storage ideas

Image by: Grainvillebadmintonclub

Introduce a Multi-purpose Kitchen Island

Like I said before, making effective use of every available space is the goal here. Kitchen Islands and Breakfast bars, on the contrary, take up a lot of space and therefore, only seen in luxury kitchens. Nevertheless, if you still want an island despite having a small kitchen, then make sure it serves a purpose, at least.

Multi-purpose kitchen islands have built-in drawers of many kinds, which you can use to store electric appliances such as blenders, juicers, coffee makers and toasters.

Multi purpose kitchen storage idea

Image by: Lelong

Increase Storage in a Single Drawer

You don’t have to conform to the design and layout of standard kitchen cabinets. Making small changes can go a long way towards decluttering and increasing storage. I’d suggest investing in custom-made cabinets that’ll allow you to customize the length and size of drawers based on your needs. Installing thin, wire racks on the insides of the doors is a great way to handle storage problems.

Increase capacity of your kitchen cabins

Image by: Loveproperty

Take Your Kitchen Outdoors

Summer is all about BBQ parties, though not when you have a small house and an even smaller kitchen. However, you can make do with a patio or a lawn. Taking your kitchen outdoors can help solve some of your storage problems. It doesn’t have to be huge with stone bars and fire pits. Even a modest kitchen range can do the trick.

Invest In A Grill Range

There are different kinds of kitchen ranges available in the market that have nominal storage capacity. Investing in one of them will definitely profit you this summer. It can be used to stock unnecessary things in your kitchen or keep items that’ll come in handy during Barbeque parties.

Kitchen stove oven range

Image by: Bergander

Or Perhaps Beer Storage

Some of the expensive grills ranges come with a variety of features, which sound appealing but may not be compatible with small patios. Keep in mind the size and dimension of your patio before buying any grill range. These ranges have a high capacity for alcohol storage, which is a must-have for outdoor entertainment spaces. As a result, it saves you to-and-fro rounds from the kitchen to patio merely to grab a beer during summer parties.

Beer storage idea in your kitchen

Image by: Kylieminteriors