Termites are known as colony pests, which are of five different kinds. Their main source of food is cellulose, so each house faces the risk of termite attack. The main types of termite we usually find in our homes are Formosa, cone head, dry wood, subterranean and damp wood. Termite attack not only ruins your home, it can ruin your pocket too. The excessive damage caused by them sometimes require costly repairs.

We have a wrong perception that cold weather can hamper the termite’s activities, but, termite activities do not depend on weather. Certain things attract them towards our house.

In Houston Texas, especially in the eastern region homeowners regularly face this problem. During spring when the termites mate they move to new areas where they can create new colonies. So, pest control in Houston is quite a profitable business, if you are having trouble in finding good pest control services in Houston, you can google and get many results for pest control houston.

Here are some actual circumstances which attract termites:

  • Cellulose and Wood Material: Termites usually depends on newspaper, firewood, lumber and various other cellulose materials to feed themselves.
  • Blocking of Termite: Make sure you are not storing most of this stuff in areas that are easily accessible to termites (like the foundation of your home). Throw away all of the decomposed firewood as well as lumber, because these things are a heaven for termites to live.
  • Storage Units: This area is another perfect habitat for termites. Here they can easily feed themselves well and can access other areas of your storage units easily.

Some blocking tips are:

  • Instead of using wood make sure you are using a metal stand for your storage unit.
  • Put the unit away from your wall.
  • Dark, warm, places: Moist, dark peaceful places are preferred by termites, like crawling spaces or air condition etc.

Some preventing measures:

  • By arranging frequent home inspection as well as evaluating your home for sources of moisture, you can lower the level of moisture at the crawling spaces inside your home.
  • Clothing: Your laundry room needs some focus too. Clothes are usually prepared with a cotton material, that has cellulose, one of the main attractions for termites.

Averting Options:

Image by Pexels

When you are decorating your laundry room, make sure you have put the laundry little above the ground as well as away from the wall.

Soil is full of moisture: Moisture is something which attracts termites a lot. Generally, you can find quite a lot of moisture in the soil where the foundation of your home exists.

Some Averting Tips Are:

Image by Pexels

Make sure you are trying your best to keep the soil next to your foundation dry by replacing all the flaws in your pipes as well as your faucets. Ensure that your house has a good drainage system and well-functioning splash blocks, gutters etc. Install your irrigation and sprinkler in such a way that it has very minimum water accretion near your home foundation.

Various things like cardboard boxes, buried scrap, tree stumps, untreated fence posts etc. can get infected by termites, so frequent inspection of your foundation, structure, porches are highly recommended. However, there are various products available in the market for effective termite treatment. However, you need to use it carefully especially if you have kids or any animals.

Here are some indicators of termite affliction, which might help you to get some ideas:

  • Getting mud tubes (almost the size of a pencil) installed in places where your home meets the ground, or you can put them near other likable food sources like sheds or trees etc.
  • Finding abandoned wings near closed doors or windows.
  • Looking for signs of wood destruction behind or even below the surfaces, like floors or on walls combined with a maze-like tunnel layout in woods. Also, you need to look for tiny holes in plaster or even in the drywall to confirm a termite attack.

Featured Image Source: Flickr