Let’s face it, nothing about teenagers is easy, especially when it comes to decorating your moody teenager’s bedroom.  All too many attempts by parents to spruce up and turn their teenagers’ rooms into nice relaxing havens are usually met with whining, complaining, and lack of appreciation.  If you’re sick of listening to your teen grumble about his or her bedroom, here are some ideas that are sure to please.


Picking The Colour

This can be a tricky one, since you’ll need to take your teen’s tastes into account as well as your own.  While your moody teenager may favour a black or dark blue coloured wall, you undoubtedly would rather settle for something else.  Look at how you can strike a compromise.  For example, you can maybe convince you teen to settle for a lighter colour if you include accents of the darker colour in the room through a number of other décor pieces, or only paint the wall behind their bed that one colour that they prefer.


Picking The Wall Art

One thing that all teens love are posters of their favourite things on their wall, but before you go to any poster printing shop and grab some, here’s a strong word of caution: don’t put anything on you teen’s wall without consulting them first.  If your teen is into “Rise Against”, then they’ll balk at the sight of a “One Direction” poster on their wall.  There are a number of poster printing UK companies out there that can create completely unique posters of your teen’s favourite movies, musicians, actors, and more.  What’s neat about these places is that they can put a new spin on any poster, so you can both have posters that suit you teens’ favourite colour as well as match the room’s colour scheme. They can also use your teen’s photos to make truly personalized posters. I live In the North East of England, so Photoline are ideal for me because it’s in Newcastle. Use the al-knowing Google to find one near you.


Picking The Furniture

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg outfitting you teen’s room with new furniture.  As a matter of fact, finding inexpensive yet unique pieces are often more appreciated than bringing home some standard chair or set of drawers from IKEA (like these, which look pretty modern and easy to keep clean).  Think about functionality.  Bean bag chairs are always an option, or you can look at having an older overstuffed chair re-upholstered to suit your teen’s preferences.  And don’t forget including a desk in your teen’s room so that they have a nice, quiet area to get their school work finished.  Many second hand stores have great desks that, with a bit of sanding, staining, and TLC, can be completely revamped and restyled.


I hope this article has helped you appease the spotty, hormonal monster living in your house. If you need more inspiration, check out this article.