5 Household Hacks to Cut Down on Home Heating Costs

Tired of energy bills that creep up in the winter? You may be increasing your home heating costs without realizing it. Don’t go another month dreading the energy bill! A few simple changes might make you a lot happier to open your statement.

Use Your Curtains Wisely

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How much thought do you put into the functionality of your curtains? Your curtains are your primary defense against losing heat through your windows, so it’s worth investing in a thick set. At night, keep your curtains closed to guard against heat loss, but on sunny days, throw open your curtains and allow the sun to help heat your space. The heat from the sun is free, so take advantage!

Re-Arrange Furniture

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Take a look at your furniture and decor placement. Are there big pieces of furniture blocking air vents? What about those thick curtains? Having furniture, drapes, or decor blocking airflow keeps warm air from circulating through your home, leading to uneven heating or the development of cold spots. Making some small changes to furniture arrangements can make the difference between only one armchair being warm and keeping your whole living room cozy. When air isn’t allowed to circulate correctly, it also causes your heating system to work harder, which could lead to system failures or shorten its lifespan.

Routine HVAC Service

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Are you keeping up with regular HVAC maintenance? Not only does routine maintenance mean avoiding a costly breakdown at the worst possible time,┬ábut it also keeps your system running efficiently. The build-up of dust and debris or malfunctioning parts can interfere with the efficiency of your unit, meaning you’re spending more money for less heat. While professional maintenance does come at a cost, an efficient heating system can result in significantly lower heating expenses. Change your air filter monthly, and schedule a tune-up yearly to save on heating costs.

Heat Smarter for efficient home heating

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Focus your heating energy on the spaces in your home you use most. Don’t waste money heating areas of your home you’re not using! Close doors to rooms you don’t mind being a little chillier, keeping cold air from moving into the parts of the house you want to stay warm. When you’re heading out for the day, pull all of the doors closed behind you, keeping the heat in the main areas of the home.

Use a Timer

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Don’t pressure yourself to remember to change the heat setting each day when a timer can do it for you! Set a schedule for your heater that works for your family. Also, heating your home while you’re there but not while it’s empty. Avoid the temptation to set the thermostat to a warmer temperature to heat up quickly when you get home. Instead, schedule your thermostat to turn on earlier to a cooler temperature. It takes less energy for your heater to warm your home gradually than it does to heat it suddenly and quickly.

There’s no need to fear winter. Just a few of these hacks could cut your heating costs dramatically, leaving you to enjoy everything the season brings.