A mortgage loan is often the only choice for the individual who is seeking to pay off his or her debts. Home buyers, for instance, often take out such loans either to make the purchase itself or to secure the property against a bank, a credit union or some other financial institution. This article will tell you how to find the best mortgage deals by following five of the tips used by the “pros.”

Tip #1: Visit the websites of a wide range of lenders.

Just a generation ago, comparing mortgage rates on-line was not really a viable option. If you wanted to get a mortgage loan, you had to go to the bank in person and fill out an application form. You might decide that you did not like their interest rate or their terms in general, in which case you would just have to either accept them anyway or visit other lenders. This whole process could take some time.

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Now it is much faster to search on-line for a mortgage lender and it takes just as little time to fill out the application (many browsers have an auto-fill function that enters all your information automatically) and to finally get approved. Your best move, however, is to visit more than one lender until you finally find the one for you.

Tip #2: Use a comparison site.

In addition to the sites of individual lenders, you will also want to visit one on which you can compare different lenders at a glance. They will ask for the type of loan you are seeking (buy a property, re-mortgage a property or buy to let) in addition to the amount of the loan and the value of your property.

Tip #3: Figure out exactly what you are seeking.

You will have to take this step before you do anything else. As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re

Tip #4: Get acquainted with different types of mortgage rates.

The two main types are fixed rate and adjustable (or floating) rate mortgage. Some loans have characteristics of both types.

Tip #5: Know that there is no “one size fits all.”

Just because particular mortgage rate is right for somebody else does not mean that it will work for you. It makes a big difference whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced “buy to let” investor who is looking for a property to lease to others. There are at least two things that you need to do to find which mortgage rate you really need: compare rates on-line by viewing quotes, and “shop around.” If, for instance, the lender to whom you have applied declines to grant you the loan at the advertised interest rate but is still willing to do so at a higher rate, then you should continue your search elsewhere for a better deal.