Garden Designs:

There are many ways of creating attractive garden designs. In fact, garden designs are a form of art that require designing skills and knowledge of horticulture. You can either design your garden on your own or can also take the help of a professional in this regard. Designing your garden properly is very important because a good garden design can turn an ordinary garden into an illustration of nature that can soothe both the mind and the body alike.

While designing a garden there are certain elements that play a vital role in the growth of the garden and you should consider them while creating a layout for your garden’s design. These elements are sunlight, location, the topography of the area in which garden is present, garden furniture available, soil and last but not the least the planting patterns. All these elements affect the designing of your garden because some of them directly affect the growth of your garden and if they are not taken into proper consideration your garden will not flourish.

Another important thing that you must consider with the garden designs is its purpose of use; it will be a formal garden or an informal one whether you want to go with traditional layouts or stick to the modern ones. You need to answer all these questions prior to creating a layout for your garden’s design. Because the type of garden that you want to have will decide, which garden design you have to make. According to designs there are various types of gardens and the most famous ones are given below:

  • Islamic gardens
  • Renaissance and formal gardens
  • Rock gardens
  • Mediterranean gardens
  • Shakespeare gardens
  • English landscape or Naturalistic gardens
  • Potager or kitchen gardens
  • Cottage gardens
  • Contemporary gardens
  • East Asian gardens
  • Native gardens

Types of Gardens:

Like there are, many methods of gardening likewise there are many types of gardens, and some of them are:

  • Flower garden:

    These gardens are the most common type of gardens that are almost everywhere. Flower gardens add a sense of peace and beauty to your place. If you want to grow a flower garden, you can start by experimenting with some common flowers that are easy to grow.

  • Vegetable garden:

    Vegetable gardens are your key to a healthy life. These gardens are fun to maintain and at the end, you can literally eat the fruits of your hard work. You can use this type of garden to grow some vegetables for your everyday use.

  • Water garden:

    Water gardens give an elegant look to your place. They are easy to maintain and appear beautiful. You can easily build your water garden in a small pond or water tub.

  • Kitchen garden:

    These types of gardens are very beneficial. Since ancient times, people have been growing everyday herbs and vegetables in their homes. These types of yards are kitchen gardens. Kitchen gardens are a way of ensuring a regular and healthy supply of vegetables, which are full of nutrients.

Benefits of gardening:

There are numerous benefits of gardening, and some of them are:

  • Gardening helps in improving your health.
  • Gardening helps in reducing stress and makes you happy.
  • Studies have shown that gardening helps in reducing the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Due to gardening, you get sunlight because of which you can get vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones.

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