A lot of famous architects have been there in the world with their astonishing work. Their splendid work not only made them renowned across the globe but also benefited their clients a lot. Following are some of the world class famous architects with their fabulous work.

Famous Architects of All Time

Below are some of the best famous architects of all time;

  1. Zaha Hadid
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright
  3. Philip Johnson
  4. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  5. Norman Foster
  6. Renzo Piano
  7. Rem Koolhaas

1. Zaha Hadid

Architect Zaha hadid

Born in Baghdad on March 31st, 1950, Zaha Hadid got her higher education at Architectural Association School of Architecture, American University of Beirut(1972—1977).

Capital Hill Residence; Zaha’s Splendid Architecture

famous architecture of Capital hills
Image by : Zaha Hadid

Beyond all doubts, she dazzled the whole world with her striking work for decades. She designed notable over-the-top buildings and her elegantly flamboyant creations seemed more natural than man-made. Her only private residential design, the Capital Hill Residence, has recently been finished in Russia’s Bharvikha forest two miles west of Central Moscow. This project was actually the dream of the international real estate developer Vladislav Doronin who met Zaha in London and saw in her one of the famous architects who had the vision to create his dream home.

Having made an agreement on designing Doronin’s future home, Zaha first began teasing out her design through a series of renderings which when got completed were appreciated by Doronin as:

In all my real estate career, I have never seen renderings so true to the final product.

capital hills residency by famous architect Zaha Hadid
Image by : Zaha Hadid

At the first glance, Zaha’s design appears much like a spaceship landed and submerged in the forest floor, but gradually it begins to seem something to be studied in detail. Doronin wanted to have his master bedroom high enough to enable him to look out its window and see above the trees. Zaha granted his wish by raising the master bedroom to 117 feet above the ground and connecting it to the rest of the $140 million home by a slender column.

Splendid work of Famous architect Zaha Hadid
Image by: Zaha Hadid

Moreover, the owner may also enjoy a 65-foot long swimming pool, spa, and gym, adjacent to a Japanese garden and a nightclub as well.

The Words of Appreciation and Her Awards:

When Doronin saw the completed home for the first time, he got stunned and instantly remarked:

 It is a unique feeling seeing something you have meticulously planned become reality.

And to her amazing talent, he remarked:

This striking and ambitious building is a testimony to her genius. She created the perfect livable sculpture.

As one of the Iraqi-British famous architects, she was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004 and the UK’s most prestigious architectural award, the Sterling Prize, in 2010 and 2011.

This immensely famous architect died at Miami, Florida, the USA on the 31st of March, 2016.

2. Frank Lloyd Wright

Architect Frank LLyod

He was born at Richard Center, Wisconsin, The United States, on June 8, 1867. He got his degree from the University of Wisconsin and grew up into a renowned American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator. Out of 1000 structures he designed, 532 got their completion.

He always believed in organic architecture, a term devised of his own, meaning thereby to design such structures as are harmonious with humanity and nature. Throughout his long and prolific career, he brought American architecture to the forefront. In fact, he revolutionized the 20th-century architect by applying clean geometries with an emphasis on horizontal planes.

Prairie- style Ingalls House by Frank Lloyd

famous architecture of Ingall house
Image by: Prairiearchitect

In 1909, In the state of Illinois, in the River Forest, there was built the Prairie- style Ingalls House reflecting the architectural intellect of Frank Lloyd’s fabulous style.

front view of the Ingall house by Frank Llyod
Image by: Chicago curbed

The house, in fact, boasts of a cantilevered roof and a balcony exaggerating the horizontal lines of the design. Plenty of light comes through the three windows present in each room.

A view of famous architecture of Ingall house
Image by: Flickr

Overall the house comprises of four bedrooms, one full bath, and two half baths all covering a complete area of 2800 sq ft. With an asking price of $899000, the house thoroughly has art-glass windows with copper caning which enhances its beauty a lot.

The Appreciation He Got:

This great and famous architect received the great Twenty-five Year Award for the first time in 1973, then in 1974, 1983 and 1986. Earlier, he had also received the Royal Gold Medal in 1941 and the AIA Gold Medal in 1949.
To meet his logical end, Frank Lloyd died in Arizona on April 9, 1959, but his work will live forever.

3. Philip Johnson

Famous architect Philip Johnson

The American (July 8, 1906—– January 25, 2005) was born in Cleveland, Ohio and studied history and philosophy at the Harvard University. Johnson started his career not as an architect but as a curator at the Modern Architecture International Exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art. Later on, he developed a strong passion for architecture and won great success as one of the famous architects within a few years.

The glass house by the legendary Philip Johnson

fabulous night view of the glass house
Image by: inexhibit

Though he created a lot of splendid marvels, his Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut drew significant attention worldwide when it got completed in 1949.

The Glass House is an example of the early use of industrial material such as glass and steel in home design. Though, built a little away from the street with visitors having to walk over the grass and gravel strips to approach it, the Glass House has the kitchen, the dining and the sleeping area all composed in one glass-enclosed room.

famous architecture of Glass House by Philip Johnson
Image by: Flickr

Constructed on the ideas of the famous architects from Germany, and with the dimensions of 17 m length, 9.8 m width and 3.2 m height. The amazing Glass House has the views of the landscape as its “wallpapers” designed by Johnson and Whitney together. Exterior sides of this house are charcoal-painted steel and glass while it’s brick floor is 10 inches above the ground.

Interior design of the glass house by famous architect Philip Johnson
Image by: inexhibit

The interior is open with the low walnut cabinets dividing the space artistically whereas a brick cylinder contains the bathroom. Overall, this is a masterpiece of architecture from one of the ever-memorable famous architects.

His Honorary Rewards:

He received many rewards of which AIGA Gold Medal came in 1972. For his excellent Glass House, he acquired The Twenty-five Year Award in 1975. Besides, he was also blessed with the Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects in 1978. Finally, he enjoyed the honor of receiving the first ever Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1979.

4. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The famous architect Ludwig Mies

This German-American Architect cum Designer was born on 27th March 1886 in Aachen, the Kingdom of Prussia in the German Empire. The well-known designers and architects such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Peter Behrens shaped and polished Mies which assisted him in developing an incredible architectural sense.

Villa Tugendhat by the renowned Mies

Villa Tugendhat by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Image by: Imgix

The Villa Tugendhat at Brno is one of the great headstones of early modernism. Rather, it will not be wrong to say that it is an exceptional example of the international style in the modern era.
To run smoothly, however, this luxurious lodging needed more or less as much machinery as a small ocean-liner. The building has been renovated with a meticulous scholarship to look just as it did when its first owners, Fritz and Grete Tugendhat, moved in 88 years ago. And as one quickly notices from the guided trip, their accommodation, though as beautiful as a painting by Mondrian, was also bare. For example, he used the finest quality materials for building magnificent bedrooms. Mies refined each chair, handle and light switch to the spirit of formal and functional perfection.

Living room of Villa Tugendhat
Image by: mrkcoolhunting

Downstairs, the major living area is one huge room, divided by unobtrusively luxurious partitions. A slab of onyx, soft gold and semi-translucent, divided an area for leisure, with bookshelves and a piano. In the room, there is a proper space with the absolute regularity between two rows of chairs.

Interior of Villa Tugendhat at Brno
Image by: Filt3rs

A half cylinder of Macassar ebony, tiger-striped like a Jackson Pollock, partitions the dining area at Villa Tugendhat. The main area at the Villa Tugendhat is a glass box, with floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides. In fine weather, One can open them by an electric device which completely slides them, smoothly into a slot beneath. It is only when a person goes downstairs to the floor that he discovers how it was possible to reside like this in a Central European climate of freezing winters and sweltering summers.

The awards he received

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe received various nationally recognized awards for his unusual artistic work. He got his first ever recognized award, Pour le Mérite in 1959 as the civil and military honor, ranking and for the recognition of his great work. Soon after this, he was awarded the prestigious Royal Gold Medal in 1959 by the Royal Institute of British Architects for his outstanding contribution towards international architecture.

5. Norman Foster

Norman foster the great architectNorman Robert Foster, born on 1st June 1935, is the president of Norman Foster Foundation. He got his early education from the Burnage Grammar School for Boys located in Burnage. He had a deep interest in architecture and worked for John Bearshaw and partners. 

La Voile by Lord Foster

awesome La Voile home
Image by: Pinimg

Sir Norman Foster’s home in France, is known as La Voile. His name commands respect in the world of high-tech architecture because of the project La Voile and many others. The masterpiece is a dark five-story building from the 1950s. Foster distorted the structure into a seven-level light-filled retreat. Lord Foster sketched his preference for transforming this stack of floors and cell-like rooms into a light-filled belvedere. It would draw in the natural beauty of the Mediterranean landscape, and present a haven for family and friends.

Interior of La Voile home by Norman foster
Image by: Foster+Partners

The 30-foot-tall, 18-ton glass facade moves to the side and opens the five-story living area to the ocean side porch. You have the distinct feeling that you’re at the prow of a vessel moving towards the sea. The unsightly base was pushed out towards the street. At the base, there is a podium of four guest rooms. Their roof forms a terrace for a four-story living/dining room that works as the social heart of the house. To open the living room to the terrace, Foster designed a facade of two framed glass, which slide apart like stage curtains. It allowed cooling breezes to blow through the house. But the opening had to have a sunshade that would give the house a new signature.

la voile a famous architecture
Image by: Casalibrary

The structure of the existing house has been opened up vertically to spectacular sights framing the horizon. Balconies ascend up through the social heart of the villa like terraces and incorporate a library, seating and dining area. While the use of white, reflective fabric helps to animate the space with varying patterns of sunlight. The whole building is a beautifully designed piece of art and is considered an inspiration for people all over the world.

His awards

Norman Foster received the Pritzker Architecture Prize for his vision, commitment, and talent. In 2009, he got the prestigious Prince of Asturias Award for making notable accomplishment in the Art category. However, for the advancements in the construction of tall buildings, he got The Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award, the skyscraper award. Later on, the University of Technology Petronas located in Malaysia presented to him the Agha Khan Award for his remarkable architecture.

6. Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano Italian master architect

Piano was born in a family of builders, in Genoa, Italy. He studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic University. In 1964, he did his thesis based on modular coordination. His first experience was with basic shelters and experimental lightweight structures. Later on, he taught at the Polytechnic University from 1965 till 1968. He founded the Renzo Piano Building Workshop RPBW in 1981. By 2017, it had one hundred fifty collaborators in offices of Paris, Genoa and New York.

The penthouse by the modernist Renzo Piano

Penthouse by Renzo Piano
Image by: Cloudfront

The penthouse, a Piano’s design, is a masterpiece of the modern era. It consists of six bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and three powder rooms of measured SF of interior space and the outdoor terrace. It also features two spacious kitchens, floor to ceiling windows, and clear unobstructed ocean with park and city sights. The penthouse facilitates his residents by providing the best facilities ever. For Example, outdoor theatre, a state- of- the- art home cinema, two private elevators, and a personal fitness center best serve the requirement of luxury and personal care. Similarly, two long sunrise and sunset infinity pools complete the luxurious facilities with extravagant scenes and sights.

Renzo's outdoor pent house
Image by: Archinect

It is one of the world’s unique residences that is a haven of tranquility, beauty, talent & natural light. Eighty-Seven Park is located in North Beach with the most distinctive and exclusive homes, yet their availability is low. The flat compound is almost an hour’s drive north of the most expensive postcode in Florida. The Penthouse is the only unique option still available for purchase.

Interior of Renzo's pent house
Image by: Architecturaldigest

The penthouse is the only building that has a maximum of four residences per floor. However, It is the only one which comes up with five-star amenities without the hotel bothering and much more. The building’s world-class design, its location at the beautiful oceanfront featuring amazing and worth watching views, and luxurious and competent interior design has enabled it to be an option for people around the globe to visit and spend the life’s beautiful moments here. Besides Piano’s proposal, other famous architects altering the face of Manhattan with residential projects include Bjarke Ingels and Rafael Viñoly.

His awards

In 2006, Time selected Piano as one of the most influential people of the world. Also, he was chosen as the 10th most influential person in the “Arts and Entertainment” category. Subsequently, he was lucky enough to get selected into the National Academy of Design in 2013, in New York City.

7. Rem Koolhaas

The famous architect Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas, a Dutch architect born in 1944, is the professor in Architecture and Urban Design at Harvard University. He is the founding partner of OMA, an architectural theorist, and an Urbanist. Also, he is the co-founder of Volume Magazine with Mark Wigley and Ole Bouman.

Maison á Bordeaux by the Urbanist Remment

Maison á Bordeaux
Image by: Thoughtco

The design is specially made for an active family person who is confined to a wheelchair. Koolhaas portrays the building as three houses as it contains three sections layered on top of each other. All three sections are separate from one another. The lowest part is a series of tunnels engraved from the hill for the warmest living of the family. Presumably, the kitchen and wine cellar are the two good parts of this level. Next, the middle section, partially at ground level opens to the outside and encloses with glass, one at the same time. For instance, motorized curtain walls, ensure privacy from the outside world. Also, the magnificent ceiling and floor challenge the weightlessness and openness of the central living area.

Interior of Maison á Bordeaux
Image by: Oma

The upper level, called the top house by Koolhaas, contains bedroom areas for the whole family. There are dots with window-holes many of which can be opened by twisting. The designer Ram Koolhaas thinks outside the handy design box of the guidelines. Furthermore, this modern villa has another “floating” level that handles all three stories. The wheelchair-enabled owner has his own movable level, a room-sized elevator platform, and 3 by 3.5 meters. However, the floor ascends and descends to the other levels of the house through a hydraulic lift like the ones seen in an automobile garage.

The beautiful Maison a bordeaux
Image by: Thoughtco

Bookshelves occupy one wall of the elevator shaft room where the owner has his personal living area. Moreover, this elevator room is accessible to all levels of the house. The center of Koolhaas’ design for the Lemoine home may have been the client’s elevator podium room. The podium could be flush with the floor or it could float on top of it.

His Awards

Rem collected the international art prize, the Praemium Imperiale on the behalf of the Japan Art Association. It was given for his efforts in the fields of architecture, sculpture, and painting, etc. He got Pritzker Prize for his built work that demonstrated those qualities which brought significant contributions for humanity and the environment. He received Golden Lion of the Venice Biennale of Architecture as his lifetime achievement award.


Hence, these were a few ever famous architects with their marvelous pieces of aesthetic sense and long lasting beauty. These historical houses served not only as of the trendsetters for their respective cultures and civilizations but are also the assets of the whole world of architecture. This clearly shows that an artist may die but his work never dies.

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