Now that fireplaces are often omitted from modern rooms, it is usually down to the windows to create a focal point. So show them off and make the most of them with some truly stunning window dressings and perhaps some new windows altogether with a company like McKinney roofing.

Unusual window dressings

Decorating a window is easy; simply install a curtain rail, throw some drapes at it and hey presto, window dressing. But why not try something a little more original, perhaps even unique?

For those nimble with a needle and thread, a pretty, new or even better, vintage, tablecloth can be turned into a drape quite easily. Simply add some hoops to one end and slide them over a curtain pole. If sewing is not an option, it might be possible to simply hang a light piece of fabric over the pole.

2 Silk scarves also make a truly original curtain. Simply tie suitably colored scarves around the pole for a dramatically different look. Like any drape, they can be tied back against the wall with tiebacks and hooks.

For a tactile, if noisy alternative, try putting up beaded curtains over a door, a ‘70s throwback that has made a popular comeback. They do not even need a curtain rail but can be affixed with hooks attached to the underside of the door frame.

Another option might be to get all patriotic and find a large sized stars & stripes flag to hang at the window.

Ideas for window dressings

Sometimes, windows are awkwardly shaped or positioned and it can be difficult to find standard curtains that fit properly. Arched windows, for instance, whilst being architecturally arresting and attractive, can pose a dressing problem. Forget the arch and concentrate instead on the lower half of the window by putting up a half curtain or blind. For a very striking effect, cover the whole of the square or rectangular part of the window with a Venetian blind that has been made to measure and use a curved curtain pole to hang a curtain that mimics the curve of the arch.


Bow or bay windows can be particularly troublesome. Rather than drapes, put up three different sections of Roman blinds that cover the window panes, but still show the frames of the window. This solution can look very sophisticated and gives the window a clean, streamlined appearance.

Alternatively, ignore the curve or bend of a bay window by using ‘flanking’ curtains. These are attached to the ceiling that crosses the window area and afford a high level of privacy.

Eye opening DIY window dressings

Anyone aiming for a truly minimalist look, may want to do away with curtains and blinds altogether. Most people like to make their home private and the glass in windows can be covered with a type of plastic film that makes it appear frosted or even etched with a design. This product lets the natural daylight in, but keeps prying eyes out. Staying with the frosted theme, large Roman shades are now available that, from a distance, look like panels of frosted glass. They create a very clean and impressive window dressing.