Cheap patio decorating ideas

The trend is moving towards making your patio look dazzling yet, many people are preferring cheap patio decorating ideas for their patios. Decorating your patio is like turning it into a beautiful extension of your home, providing freedom to entertainment or chill out in a personalized setting. Instead of spending cash on a professional designer, you need to save money and take matters into your own hands. Here are some cheap patio decorating ideas for you to make you love your patio more.

1. A little cleaning

It is the easiest and the most inexpensive means of making your patio look beautiful and decorated. All you need to clean your patio is a broom or/and a stiff brush to give the floor a vigorous scrub. Use bleach or surface cleaner if required. Don’t forget to wear thick gloves and safety glasses before setting to work.

Attractive ways to make the patio look beautiful

2. DIY furniture for decorating the patio on a budget

DIY furniture for decorating the patio on budget

Image by: Shutterfly

Considering wood and other building materials can be a lot more expensive, cinder blocks might be the best way to update your living space without breaking the bank. Artsy chairs are the new cheap way to make your patio look beautiful and its seating versatile and comfortable. You can design the seat covers in your own way, giving it contrast with the plants and the respective environment.

3. A catchy Hammock

A catchy hammock

Image by: Lazybandido

The patio can prove out to be an awesome place to invest time in a comfy hammock with some books. A good, catchy one can assist well not only in giving décor to the patio but also in resting while reading a good book. To summarize, it looks so charming to have a hammock with incredible style and comfort hung in the house, on the patio, when it’s nice weather out.

4. Painting the floor – a cheap patio decorating idea

Painting the floor - a cheap patio decorating idea

Image by: Nonagon

It is an inexpensive method to make the patio look amazing by using attractive colors that also cater to the environment well. You can paint the patio floors by yourself and create various designs and themes with what makes you overjoyed and of course, with the colors you like.
It feels overjoyed when your hard work repays you back well.

5. A lively wall for decorating an ideal patio

A lively wall for decorating an ideal patio

Image by: Modern

You need to try this cheap patio walls decorating idea for a high-end patio look exclusive of the high-end expense. The method is really easy and includes planting a tree and working out on its growth in a particular pattern. This living wall results in a custom-made look which adjoins a visual significance and adds a beautiful texture to a blank wall.

6. Replace not, revive your patio furniture

revive your patio furniture

image by: tesco

Choose elements that can go long-run rather than throwing oodles of money on buying new things every now and then. If in case, they become rustic or feel old and dirty, you can revive them on your own. Spray paint of the similar color, new fixtures, and a little cleaning can help. You can also change the color of spray paint if the theme colors of the patio need to be changed. You can do your furniture with high gloss lacquer or you can give it a matte touch. Also, personalize the coffee table by coloring it with rainbow hues or you can fashion it with a different top and bottom colors. Try painting symmetric geometrical figures on the panels; it all rests at the whim of your command.
A colorful tablecloth can also be used to cover the old table which can become an eyesore focal point.

7. Dual function furniture for a budget-friendly patio

Dual function furniture for a budget-friendly patio

image by: thespruce

Make a budget-friendly choice by employing furniture that can do double duty. It takes full advantage of space and can be more cost-effective than making multiple seat buying decision. The furniture allows supplementary seating and hides away accessories which are used less frequently.

8. Using Old Containers as Flowerpots

Using old containers as flowerpots

image by: creative

Almost any container can be transformed into a flower pot. You can choose from kitchenware like old glass bottles, painted tin cans, an old kettle, old cracked bowls or items in your living room like ceramic jars and vases or a fishing bowl. If you wish to use something more diverse and unique, you can even use square containers or something like old boots. However, if the shape and density of the container seem appealing to you and the look is not coming off as colorful as you thought it to be, don’t worry! You can try painting the container to get a stark and giving it an absolute look.

9. Painting Old Pots- a great patio decorating idea on budget

Painting Old Pots

image by: designdecor

The first thing to keep in mind for is the theme and mood you’re going for. Colors are important in soothing the mood and binding the room together whereas, the patio itself is just like an outdoor living segment. Accordingly, you may choose from eccentric bright and vibrant colors or you can use a toner for a more soothing vibe. I’d rather prefer using acrylics as they are quick to dry and become somewhat water resistant when dry. Besides, for bright and vibrant colors try using a gloss finish and matte finish for the tranquil and tony colors. The pots can also be painted with stripes or circles of different hues. You can use your own patio decorating ideas to give the pots a funky look.

10.  Select Low-Maintenance Plants

Select low maintenance plants

image by: doitdecor

Select plants that require low water usage and less maintenance and is cost-effective while giving color, movement and texture to the surroundings. Variegated plants and evergreen vines give contrasting colors and touch, without the use of flowering plants.

11.  Versatile seating – an on-budget patio decorating idea

Garden stool

image by: hgtv

A garden stool can be of use in several ways. For instance, you can place it with tables to make great seating. Also, it can be placed at the corners carrying small plants or other décor elements. Last but not the least; it can also work as a side table.

Puffed seating

Puffed pouf seating for cheap patio decor

image by: paolalenti

These make a trendy, yet an inexpensive seating giving a feeling of comfort and luxury. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors and add beauty to the cozy patio environment. However, puffed poufs save the expense of high prized furnitures like sofas and chaises.

12.  Adorn overhead part with lights

Adorn overhead part with lights

image by: rapidlawn

Outdoor lights are a persistent favorite for porches and patios, and there’s the good cause: They’re ideally festive and fun, with sufficient sparkle to keep the light from being distracted. However, ingenious patio decor ideas featuring string lights propose pretty colors and shapes. You can use them to wrap a tree or wrap them down a table for a twinkling showpiece.

13.  Infuse burst of Colors

Infuse burst of Colors for decorating patio

image by: diynetwork

Adding in the outdoor pillows that are complementary to the colors of the furniture and the walls in surroundings is a cute update. Also, do add a rug having contrasting colors with the pillows. It adds colors to your patio which looks amazing to the eyes and satisfying to the soul.