Almost every homeowner needs to repair or install new drywall at some point. And at first glance, hanging drywall seems like a relatively simple task. Ask anyone who has tried to install sheetrock on their own, though, and you’ll quickly learn that it’s not quite as simple as it seems.

Drywall, or sheetrock, is a home improvement tool that needs to be installed absolutely perfectly. Otherwise, imperfections will be glaringly obvious even after the walls are painted — and eventually, it’s likely that someone else will have to redo the work. Drywall installation is a multi-step process that involves both securing the cut pieces to the framed walls but also taping, mudding and sanding the seams and connections so that the finished wall appears seamless and perfectly smooth. Because poorly installed drywall not only looks bad but can increase the likelihood of damage in the future, it’s not something to DIY if you are inexperienced. In fact, there are several good reasons that drywall projects should be left to a Baltimore drywall repair and installation professional.

1. Higher Quality Work

At the risk of belaboring the point, the biggest advantage of hiring a professional drywaller is that the work is almost guaranteed to be of higher quality than if you do it yourself — especially if you don’t have any experience with drywalling. A professional team not only knows all the techniques and tricks necessary to achieve the best possible result but if problems pop up during the project, they are better prepared to deal with them. There is less of a chance of wasted materials as well; when you’re attempting the job on your own, things may not always go as planned, leading to wasted materials and time.

2. Pros Have the Right Tools for the Job

One reason that DIYers often struggle with their projects is that they don’t always have the right tools and equipment to get the job done. They end up either investing in tools that they will never use again, or they try to substitute other tools, which may or may not work. When you hire a professional team, you can be assured that they have everything they need to do the job right, ensuring top quality results in less time.

3. Saves Time

Another major advantage to hiring professionals to handle your drywall projects is that it saves you time. When the contractor makes an estimate on your job, he or she takes into account the staffing needs for the project — which might mean you have several people working on your drywall at once. Not only do many hands make for light work, but the knowledge and skills that the team brings to your home allows them to work faster than you would on your own. A project that might take you several days to complete can likely be completed in a few hours with a qualified team of experts working on it.

4. Less Chance of Injury

As with any construction project, there is a chance of injury when drywalling — especially if you are inexperienced. When you hire professionals, you remove the likelihood of personal injury from the equation. And even in the unlikely event that one of the pro drywallers is injured on the job, the contractor is covered by worker’s compensation insurance, protecting you from any injury costs.

5. Better Solutions to Drywall Problems

Finally, without in-depth knowledge of how to install drywall, it’s likely that you’ll make mistakes and struggle to solve problems as they come up. Whether it’s an oddly shaped room that requires a lot of cutting or a structural issue that could present an issue in the future, drywall pros are skilled in identifying and solving common problems that could trip up an inexperienced DIYer. There’s a good chance that your drywall project will go off without a hitch, but if there is an issue, working with a professional ensures it’s handled correctly.


Hiring a contractor to install or repair drywall will increase the cost of the project, but it also provides peace of mind that it will be done quickly, and correctly. And when you consider the entire cost of the project, including your time, it’s likely that you’ll discover that it’s money well spent.