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vase-1You may be forgiven for thinking that the primary use of vases is to show off cut flowers. While that may still be a favourite use of vases in some homes, public building, churches and restaurants, the vase always was, and always will be a work of art in its own right. From large ancient Greek urns depicting battle scenes, to much smaller waited vases made to hold a single stem, vases come in a multitude of materials, shapes, sizes and colours. The well-known cross-dressing sculptor and artist Grayson Perry was noted for his beautiful and sometimes controversial hand-painted ceramic vases such as the one shown here.

Let’s face it, nothing about teenagers is easy, especially when it comes to decorating your moody teenager’s bedroom.  All too many attempts by parents to spruce up and turn their teenagers’ rooms into nice relaxing havens are usually met with whining, complaining, and lack of appreciation.  If you’re sick of listening to your teen grumble about his or her bedroom, here are some ideas that are sure to please.