15 Attractive Small Patio Decor Ideas For All Seasons

When people speak of patios, they often think of the Summers. Lying around in your backyard on a hot summer day, sipping cold drinks is some people’s idea of heaven. However, patios are perfect for outdoor activities in all seasons, provided you’ve decorated it that way. If you have a big backyard, then decorating a patio is not a big deal since you have plenty of space to work with. But if you have a small backyard, creating an ideal patio might be a bit of a challenge. So, here are some of the best small patio decor ideas that you should consider for your next remodel project.

How To Decorate A Small Patio?

Sure, small patios are hard to design because of the limited space but it is not impossible to create a fully functional area that also looks nice.

The secret here is to choose which feature to focus on.

It can be seating arrangements, lighting fixtures, or food corner. Yet, considering and following the basics of home decoration to give an overall essence.

Build A Fire Pit

When it comes to decorating an outdoor space, fire pit comes first in people’s mind. Fire pits are essential to outdoor entertainment spaces because they allow you to huddle closely with your friends and family members. And that’s exactly what people need on a cold November day. You can also add a drink bar or a grill range within the vicinity to make it perfect for barbeque parties.

Built an amazing outdoor fire pit

Image by: Hothomeair

Or Build A Horizontal Fire Pit

As a standard, fire pits are built circular or in a round shape. This is because it allows the wood to burn up adequately and for a long time. However, fire pits designs are not limited to only this. If you have a large group of friends and organize a big gathering very often, then a horizontal fire pit is more suitable for you. Not only does it allow for extra seating around the fire but also makes for eye-catching decor.

awesome modern patio fire pit

Image by: Rickyhil

Brighten Up The Area With Lantern Tree

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of patio decor. Using the right lighting can create an illusion of space and openness in a small and closed patio. Luckily, if you happen to have a tree in your backyard, you can hang paper lanterns on it to make a stunning lighting feature.

Glorious patio decor Idea with-lantern

Image by: Nycphoto

Small Patio Decor Ideas For An Apartment Balcony

In modern times, most families own houses while single people live in apartments. Apartments are usually very small and build to serve functions rather than looks. However, it is entirely possible to create a stunning patio in an apartment with a few tricks.

Minimum Furniture For A Cramped Space

The first rule is to limit the amount of furniture. The less the better. And if the furniture is multipurpose, then all the better. Second, sticking to a color scheme is important because you have to create an illusion of an open and airy environment. White and green tones are ideal for that.

backyard furniture ideas deck patio outdoor

Image by: Ijtema

Designing An Open Balcony

If you were lucky enough to get an apartment with a slightly big balcony and bar railing, then you don’t have to worry about forming an open environment. Since you can see through the railing, it increases your visual limit, achieving that spacious illusion. You can buy tiny chairs to get a similar look. Plus, plants and flowers can make it truly look like a part of nature.

small patio balcony design

Image by: Aucklanddesign

Incorporating Wood For A Rustic Outlook

You don’t have to limit yourself to only one theme when designing a balcony. Incorporating woodwork can lead to a rustic outlook that some people might find appealing. Moreover, some people prefer a cozy atmosphere to an open one.

modern balcony design with wooden outlook

Image by: Contemporist

Ideas For Decorating A Small Patio On A Budget

Not everyone has the luxury to spend thousands of dollars on a patio remodeling project. If you want to give your small patio a makeover without making major alterations, then consider these ideas.

Creating An Accent Feature With Plants

Plants are another essential to designing a patio. But there are so many different kinds of plants that it becomes a headache to choose one. There are huge plants that take up a lot of space and there are tiny plants that you can hang overhead. If you decorate your patio with plants, it can easily become an alluring centerpiece.

decorate your patio with plants for awesome outdoor look

Image by: Mostbeautifulthings

If you are really choosy with shapes,

Here are some square planters *Call to action*

And some circular planters you might want to consider.

Install A Hanging Daybed

If you don’t have money to spend on various kinds of furniture but still want an interesting feature in your small patio, then a hanging daybed is your best option. Not only is it cozy and perfect for afternoon naps but it can also serve as a center decor piece in your patio.

hanging day bed for small patio decor

Image by: Coastalliving

Highlight Space With A Lighting Feature

Like I said, focusing on a single feature is better than trying to incorporate everything that a patio needs. There are a lot of interesting lighting fixtures available in the market that can serve a centerpiece in your small patio. For example, light globes in various sizes which you can hang from a small tree or umbrella.

Interesting DIY Decor Ideas For A Simple Patio

No small patio decor ideas list is complete without mentioning DIY projects. In Do-it-yourself projects, you are free to do whatever you want and recycle any material you desire, further decreasing the cost. Here are some ideas that you may find attractive.

Hanging light for highlighting outdoor space with a glow

Image by: Osxyz

Breathtaking Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason jars are used in various DIY projects and patio decor is no exception. You can create a breathtakingly beautiful mason jar chandelier by putting some electric lights in them and hanging them by a tree. Firelights are perfect for this since they are tiny and can easily be fit into mason jars.

Mason Jar Chandelier for small patio decor

Image by: Instructables

Wine Bottle Candles That Are Also Bug Repellent

Since patios are outdoor space, there are bound to be mosquitoes and other insects. And the best way to ruin summer parties is to have it raided by mosquitoes. Mosquito bites are really painful and can lead to serious diseases. Fortunately, you can DIY a bug repellent in the shape of wine bottle candles. It’ll keep the bugs away while also serving as a decoration piece.

home decor with wine bottle candles

Image by: Redeemyourground

Here’s how you can do the required stuff:

Glow In The Dark Stone Steps

In outdoor patios, a lot of activities take place at night. So, what better way to catch the eye of your guests by installing some glow in the dark stone steps. You can make different designs according to your likeness that will guide your guests to the party and also create a festive atmosphere.

glow in the dark stone for marvelous home look

Image by: Diycozyworld

A Miniature Herb Garden

If you want your plants to be functional and not merely decorative, then a herb garden should be your choice. The good thing about herbs is that they take up little space and can be cultivated vertically. Just make sure, plenty of sunlight reaches your plants.

A miniature herb garden perfect for little patio designing

Image by: Homedit

And most importantly, never to forget

DIY plants when you are on a strict budget *call to action*

Designs To Build A Covered Patio

Open patios are cool and all on sunny afternoons and cold winter nights but what to do when it’s raining? Suppose you planned an outdoor party but it rains on the day. You’ll most likely cancel it. But if you have a covered patio, then it would be no problem for you.

A Glass Roof To See Through

Glass roofs are used in some of the most beautiful living spaces. Installing a glass roof ensures that your patio retains the outdoor look while also providing protection against rain and harsh sunlight. You can also achieve this look by installing foldable roof covers.

awesome see through cover patio decor idea

Image by: Weinor

A Single Cocooned Seating Area

And what’s more relaxing than reading a book on a rainy day while being wrapped up in a blanket and sipping hot coffee? This cocooned seating area is ideal for such days. Not only it’ll shelter you from the rain but also allow you to enjoy the weather.


a relaxing single cocooned seating area

Image by: Burford

Many more splendid patio decor idea awaits you *call to action*