The way your morning goes often sets the tone for your entire day. Even morning people sometimes have a hard time getting motivated for the day, which can have an impact on your day beyond the morning. Here are five ways that you can start your day off right.

Get Enough Rest

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It can be hard enough getting up in the morning when you’ve had a good night’s rest, but it’s almost impossible if you didn’t get enough sleep. Skipping on sleep can be bad for you in several different ways. Sleeping less than you should make it hard to feel awake when your alarm goes off. Most adults will need about seven or eight hours of sleep every night.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

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Breakfast is probably the most important thing that people skip in the morning in a rush to get to work or school. Coffee can help you perk up but won’t save the day. Once you start moving, you’re going to be burning calories. Breakfast feeds your body and mind to prepare it for the day ahead. Not eating the first meal of the day can make you feel more sluggish than you should. Your meal should feature whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Healthy Activities

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Make time for some healthy activities when you first wake up. Exercising in the morning can help jumpstart your day the right way. It can get your blood flowing and help to invigorate you for what’s to come. Another activity that you can try to help you be more awake in the morning is meditation. It may seem counterintuitive since you just got out of bed, but mediation has many benefits. Put your mind at ease and start your day with less stress.

Create a Comfortable Environment

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You know that heat and humidity can often make it hard to get out of bed. Sometimes, you may overcompensate with your cooling, which can make it just as enticing to remain in bed under the covers. Make your bedroom more comfortable by eliminating humidity in your home. Also, ensure that you’re not overly chilly when you wake up by using a smart thermostat. Research finds that people sleep better in a cooler environment, so setting the temperature to rise before you wake up gives you the best of both worlds.

Stay Unplugged

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Reaching for your phone right when you wake up comes naturally to most. In many instances, you may be using your phone as your alarm. You should give yourself a break to wake up and help yourself feel more proactive by not checking your emails or social media right away. Have a chance to eat breakfast or meditate before you move forward with plunging back into your electronics.

Each of these tips can help you to be more productive and alert for the upcoming day. Try just one to see how it helps or combine a few to assist yourself in making your mornings better. You’ll be surprised by how these little tweaks to your routine can improve your day.