You have a spare room that’s been sitting vacant for months, gathering dust and perhaps a variety of homeless odds and ends that could be placed elsewhere.  If you’re not interested in wasting the room as “storage space” and aren’t all too keen in turning your spare room into an “in-law” suite, then we have some great ideas for your home.

A Games Room

Men, women, and children can all appreciate a great games room in the home.  Table tennis, “Foosball”, air hockey and comfy video gaming areas can all be included in a games room.  These rooms are the perfect place to entertain guests, and, if you choose to add a bar in the corner, you’re sure to have your adult friends begging to come over to play.

A Poker Room

One of the most popular items in a games room are poker tables.  As a matter of fact, many people have completely converted their former “games room” into their very own private poker room.  Not only is poker a game that almost everyone knows how to play, but many of these tables are portable or even convertible and turn into several different other table games.  Make sure you stock up on poker chips, because the guys – or the ladies – will definitely be heading over to play.

A Home Gym

Maybe it’s time that you fulfill that New Years resolution you keep making every year and start working out.  If you can’t find the time to get to the gym, or aren’t a fan of working out amongst already-fit individuals, then you can create your own gym at home.  The nice thing about a home gym is that you can either sink a ton of money into professional equipment, or spend a minimal amount on things like resistance bands, yoga mats, jump ropes and fitness DVDs to help you reach your fitness goals.

A Study

For those who enjoy peace and quite in their home, then creating your own study may be for you.  All you need is some shelving, your favourite books, at least one comfortable overstuffed chair and perhaps a desk, and you’re set.

Rent It Out

Not everyone may be on board with the idea of having a stranger in their home, but you could potentially rent out your spare room to a student or another person looking for fairly inexpensive dwellings.  It’s a nice way to make a bit of extra money that you can put towards your mortgage, or you can set the money aside to buy your fun future game room toys like a poker table or table tennis.