15 of the Best Kitchen Lighting Fixtures You Need Right Now

It is overwhelming how many things you need to consider when renovating or remodeling a kitchen such as flooring, furniture, and cabinets. One of them, which is often the last in the list of priorities, is kitchen lighting. Most people simply choose lighting fixtures that look good and can function moderately. However, the role of lighting goes beyond that. Choose wrong lighting and you’ll have endless troubles like strained eyesight and the cramped or claustrophobic environment in the kitchen, etc. Experts always emphasize the importance of selecting the temperature and color of light that best complements your kitchen. With that said, here are some of the best lighting ideas you need for your kitchen.

Kitchen illuminating pendant for a Minimalist Look

minimalist look

Image by: Homesfeed

Minimalism is all the rage these days and with due credit. You can create a wonderful space that is not only functional but also serves the aesthetics with a minimum number of things. Although Pendant lightings are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, our favorite is these minimalistic, simple and chic lights over the kitchen island.

 Lights that are Moveable

Kitchen Ceiling Lights that are moveable

Image by: Thechocolate

One thing about a pendant or hanging lights that often create problems is how they are fixed at one spot. Sure, they illuminate a larger space but leave the corners in the dark, where you need to install additional lighting. The solution, however, is pretty simple. Install hanging lights that are moveable and can be adjusted according to requirement.

Tree Branch Chandelier Over the Dining Area

Tree Branch chandelier

Image by: Pinterest

For most people, the dining area is often a part of the kitchen and it’s really important to brighten it along with the kitchen. This tree branch candle chandelier is perfect for people who want adequate lighting over the dining table but not enough to produce a sharp glare. Moreover, the branch chandelier creates an ethereal outlook that is unmatched by modern lighting fixtures.

Wood Log Bulb Lighting for an Earthly Look

Wood log Lighting

Image by: 5Watt

Speaking of ethereal looks, one simple way to light up your kitchen is this wood log bulb lighting. Not only does it produce ample glow, but its organic and green properties also give an earthly outlook to your kitchen.

DIY Stepladder Lighting for Rustic Kitchens

Farmhouse and cottage style kitchens are really popular trends these days. However, it’s difficult to achieve that look without making some major alterations in your kitchen. Fortunately, this Stepladder lighting is an easy project which you can DIY as well. The best thing about stepladder lighting is that it works just as well in modern kitchens as it does in rustic ones.

Flush Mount Lighting for Modern Kitchens

Kitchen lighting Flush Mount

Image by: Thechocolate

If you don’t want any hanging lights for your modern kitchen, then flush mount lighting might be for you. Their biggest quality is that they are big in size and capable of lighting up a large portion of the kitchen at once. As a result, they eliminate the need for additional small lights.

For modern kitchens that want to maintain a sophisticated appearance, flush mount lighting is a perfect choice.

Semi Flush Mount Rectangular Lighting Fixture

semi flush mount

Image by: Givemetalk

But if you like the effect hanging lights produce but don’t actually want to see them hang from the ceiling, then semi-flush mount lights are for you. Not only does it produce an ambient glow but it’s also suitable for modern as well as traditional kitchens.

Decorated Lighting to Replace the Boring Ones

Decorated lighting in kitchen

Image by: Doggy-fizzle

And if the simple classy lights are too boring for your taste, you can always go for the decorated ones. There are numerous lighting options available in the market that are simply beautiful to look at and might serve your visual aesthetics.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting for a Neat Space

Recessed lights

Image by: Mjm-electric

You might also not want to get lighting fixtures that take up any amount of space in your small kitchen. For people who prefer a neat and clean area, recessed kitchen lighting is more suitable. Recessed lights are either fixed inside the ceiling or installed.  They are fixed in such a way that it makes them look a part of the ceiling.

Recessed kitchen Lighting for High Ceilings

General tradition is that high ceilings should have hanging lights while low ceilings should install recessed or flush mount lights. But no need to stick to the tradition. A net of recessed lighting as shown in this pictures is perfectly complementary to the high ceiling of the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Chandeliers for kitchen lighting

Modern kitchen chandeliers

Image by: Designtrends

Chandeliers sound like a bit of a luxury that only the most elegant houses might own. However, in the modern era, chandeliers have evolved. These days, the chandeliers available in the market are not only pragmatic but also retain the classy look of the past. If you want to give your kitchen something special, a small modern chandelier might work for you. Also, you need to put the kitchen appliances in the proper arrangement and order to make it look more attractive.

LED Lighting for Kitchen Backsplash

LED lights for kitchen backsplash

Image by: Source

More and more people are adopting the minimalist movement. Consequently, they are reducing the kitchen space and are focusing to make it more functional. However, lighting fixtures can take up much area and go against these ideals. That is why, small kitchens need stick-on LED lights, which can easily stick to any kitchen surface like walls, cabinets, backsplash, etc.

Illuminating Kitchen Cabinets with LED lights

Illuminating kitchen cabinets with LED lights

Image by: Lovidsg

So if you’re using LED or recessed lights, chances are they do not provide adequate visibility, especially inside the cabinets. For this problem, you can use LED lights over the cabinets and below the counters. Choosing unusual color and temperature might also turn it into an accent lighting project.

A Big Window for Natural Light

The significance of natural lighting in the kitchen cannot be underestimated. No doubt, the various lighting fixtures mentioned above are enough in every way but the role natural light plays is incomparable. You should opt for a big window in the kitchen if you want maximum visibility without using the money on expensive lights.  Big windows can also be of great help if you make the kitchen floor strongly reflecting. Hence, there remains no requirement of turning on lights at day time.

Reinforcing Kitchen Lighting with Wall Fixtures

Kitchen lighting with wall fixtures

Image by: Rumahminimalis

Sometimes, a large window might not be enough and may require some sort of reinforcement specifically at night when there is no natural light. Get Wall lighting fixtures no are a perfect solution to this problem. You can install them anywhere along the walls and also change their position to focus on the area where you need the most lighting, such as the stove range, the sink or the counter-top, etc. Bright sheetrock can also be used on walls as an improvement tool for the illuminating kitchen.