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Indoor Yacht Garage

This world class estate located at 5363 Kew Cliff Road, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a masterpiece timber post and beam home.The 13,000 square foot house has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms with 3 levels and over 4,600...

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Beautiful Log Cabin

Did you ever wondering what would you do if you win the lottery. Personally, i would purchase a big and beautiful log cabin deep in the woods. Today’s post perfectly illustrate the “crib” that would fit all...

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Eye-opening window designs

Now that fireplaces are often omitted from modern rooms, it is usually down to the windows to create a focal point. So show them off and make the most of them with some truly stunning window dressings and perhaps some new...

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DIY: Carboard Tree

Every time we order furniture we get big packages with a lot of cardboard. So far we didn’t have any home ideas how to smartly use and recycle cardboard we get. After some internet research i found amazing ways to...

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