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Beautiful Log Cabin

Did you ever wondering what would you do if you win the lottery. Personally, i would purchase a big and beautiful log cabin deep in the woods. Today’s post perfectly illustrate the “crib” that would fit all...

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Eye-opening window designs

Now that fireplaces are often omitted from modern rooms, it is usually down to the windows to create a focal point. So show them off and make the most of them with some truly stunning window dressings and perhaps some new...

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DIY: Carboard Tree

Every time we order furniture we get big packages with a lot of cardboard. So far we didn’t have any home ideas how to smartly use and recycle cardboard we get. After some internet research i found amazing ways to...

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Beautiful and Cheap Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom is one of the most important part of everybody’s residence. We sleep there and spend big part of our life here. Starting from mattresses to furniture and decoration, we need a lot of money to invest in bedroom...

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The Guide to Home Exterior Painting

Many reasons exist to do a paintjob like a Georgia house’s external surfaces. It’s a redesigning task that, when performed well, significantly changes the look of a house. A respected expert painting company will...

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Top 5 Easy Home Decoration Changes

Decorating, ever wanted to test it, but hesitated due to time limitations or spending budget issues. The next suggestions won’t provide immediate results, but most importantly match any kind of spending budget. 1....

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