Author: Talha Ahmed

10 Ensuite Bathroom Tile Ideas to Create a Luxurious Look

Ensuite Bathroom Tile Ideas Many escalating ideologies regarding ensuite Bathrooms keep spawning into the limelight each day. Here is a collection of chic ensuite bathroom ideas that will add glamour to your daily life. 1) Geometrical Patterned Tiles From prismatic hexagonal honeycomb tiles to non-embellished grouted rectangulars; tile chemistry is in geometry. When it comes to fashion, the trends are ever changing but geometrical figures are a constant. May it be the culturally embedded Turkish baths or the highly chic and modish ensuite bathrooms of the Beverly Hills, geometrical tiles seem to find a way into our lives. 2)...

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Patio Decorating Ideas For This Winter Season

Patio Decorating Ideas Most people think regarding patio decorating ideas being immensely backbreaking and expensive job, but we simplistically acquire some brilliant patio decorating ideas that are cheap and effortlessly achievable at home. The winter season is on and the patio is the best place to be in. Whether you’re having breakfast and reading a newspaper in the early sunlight or you’re snuggled with a book in a lawn chair watching the sky turn scarlet, patio is conceived as the most favorite place. There is a variety of ways to turn your patio into a pragmatic work of art....

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